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Laura El

Laura El is a Lithuania-born digital illustrator based in New York, United States. Laura has been passionate about art since early childhood but when she grew up, life made adjustments to her career. She made herself get a 9-to-5 job based on advice from other people telling her that it’s impossible to make a living being an artist. That ‘real’ job didn’t bring her happiness and fulfillment. After a while, Laura dared to quit it and decided to dedicate all of her time to pursuing her passion – making art. 

It was the right decision as Laura is a truly gifted artist with a unique style that is a harmonious blend of squiggly lines and flat color textures. In addition to her craft, Laura also has a special ability to tell stories through her illustrations, sparking the viewer's imagination and plunging them into amazing worlds. Laura’s talent was recognized by lots of influential media and her artwork was featured in Forbes, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart, and Medici Minutes. 

Being always in the pursuit of new sources for self-realization, Laura jumped into the NFT realm, seeing it as an avenue for her to express herself even more. One of Laura’s most recognizable NFT initiatives is The Lurkers, a 23-piece art & storytelling NFT collection. The series is renowned for its combination of illustration, animation, and music. 

Laura El is an inspiring artist who dared to follow her heart and make her dream career a reality. If you are looking for a sign from above to start creating art, may Laura’s lines become it: "I can't live without creating art. Being an artist is what I was put on earth to do and I will continue creating for the rest of my life."

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