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Justin Mays, a.k.a maysgrafx, is a freelance motion designer and art director based in Los Angeles (LA), California. Mays grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and was surrounded by art since early childhood. Justin’s mother was an art teacher during his elementary and high school days, which sparked his passion for drawing at a young age.

After high school, he spent five years at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, receiving two degrees – one in graphic design and the other in motion graphics. Later, Julian started his career as a video editor, making local car and furniture dealership ads in Fort Lauderdale.

The next Justin’s move was to Miami Beach, where he freelanced for Univision, making abstract background animations for Latin award shows. While freelancing, maysgrafx worked the nights as a VJ at Cameo, the biggest nightclub in South Beach. However, the economic crash in Miami later forced him to move to LA to find work. Fortunately, the city turned out to be the center of motion graphics, which helped him get back on his feet. 

Mays is influenced by his own realization to never stop creating and constantly pushes himself to learn new mediums and styles. His work is heavy in symbolism, geometric patterns, nature, and the female form. Brilliant, bold colors and gradients are hallmarks of an artist's pieces. 

Utilizing digital collages and glitch art, his work is a unique blend of geometric shapes, celestial imagery, and spiritual symbolism, resulting in stunning creations that are both vibrant and thought-provoking.

He has some of his craft converted into NFTs, which can be viewed and collected on the Foundation NFT marketplace. 

Follow maysgrafx on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with his latest projects and keep an eye out for this rising star in the art world!

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