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Claire Silver

Claire Silver is a digital creator, an AI-collaborative and NFT artist who is passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and often uses it in her work. Her art explores a diverse range of themes, including trauma, disability, social hierarchy, innocence, and divinity. 

Growing up as a millennial, Claire experienced the transition from an analog childhood to a progressively digital existence. Her creative process mimics this transformation, involving the use of both analog and digital techniques. She utilizes a variety of mediums, including oil and acrylic paints, GAN technology (Artbreeder), Procreate, collage, and photography, to produce her art. 

Claire often blends classical painting styles and mythologies into her work, creating pieces that feel both familiar and surreal. By working collaboratively with GAN technology, Silver hopes to shape her art in a way that will promote and redefine human collective culture, ultimately bringing it forward in new and exciting ways.

Silver compares her artistic style to that of early human cave paintings depicting the discovery of fire. She views AI as a tool that erases the traditional barriers to artistic skill, emphasizing that in the modern era, taste plays an essential role in defining artistic creativity. Her work has been displayed at esteemed art venues all over the globe, including museums, art galleries, and festivals. 

Claire Silver was one of the first enthusiasts to embrace the Crypto Punks project and has subsequently launched her own NFT collections that have been well-received by buyers at auction. Her best-selling Genesis piece sold for 52 ETH on SuperRare, and top sales from her 'AI Art Is Not Art' collection reached around 30 ETH. 

Several of her other NFTs can be found and collected on prominent marketplaces, including OpenSea and SuperRare. Follow Silver on social media to stay updated on her latest NFT collections!

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