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Botto is a decentralized autonomous AI artist created by renowned German artist Mario Klingemann (popularly known as Quasimondo) and governed by the people. Mario Klingemann describes Botto as a "hybrid being which is half AI and half a collective intelligence, which is also kind of like a virtual being." 

As an AI, Botto uses algorithms to analyze millions of pieces of artwork to create its own. Botto's art engine has been trained on millions of images, more than any human has ever seen. Botto can search the whole art history in a timeframe normally taking professionals years to archive. 

The AI artist works by creating a sentence, feeding it into a neural network, and getting an image back. It looks for patterns in what their community responds to and then develops and adapts artwork based on those inputs. 

Each week, Botto creates 350 promising paintings for consideration by the DAO. These images are not the final artwork but "fragments" as they are yet proven. The community helps Botto decide the art’s final form, as the AI artist constantly evolves from the feedback.

In the final phase, the community votes for their favorites out of Botto’s productions. The top images are then converted into NFTs and auctioned off on SuperRare. Botto has generated over $2 million from its creations, releasing over 80 tokenized artworks out of tens of thousands of breathtaking works.

You can find Botto's treasure trove on its dedicated website, Twitter, Instagram, and SuperRare! Follow the artist’s path as he leaves his mark on the digital space and shows just how crucial the intersection of AI and art will be for the next decade and beyond.

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