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Jack Butcher

Jack Butcher is a graphic designer, art director, and creative mind with a unique perspective on art. He has worked as a creative director in Fortune 100 advertising for over a decade, building a name for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon and Ferrari. But before long, Jack realized something was missing, and it was ‘freedom.’ So, in search of it, he started his advertising agency but still didn't find it satisfying. 

Having realized that leading an advertising agency wasn't a thing for him, Butcher took a different approach by founding Visualize Value. This is a design agency and digital brand that creates unique art pieces and provides insight into becoming an NFT artist. Visualize Value started making nearly $1 million a year in only 18 months. What’s more, most of the sales were coming from Jack’s Twitter following. Butcher grew the project into a successful business with an online audience of thousands quite quickly with such clients in the portfolio as Google, Pepsi, and Airbnb.

Jack Butcher’s name became well-known when he released the Checks project in 2021. There was a collection of 100 unique NFTs that featured checks, receipts, and invoices from his real-life business transactions. In 2023, he launched the Checks VV project as an open edition after he had acquired the blue checkmark on Twitter. Jack Butcher is also a renowned creator of Opepen Edition NFT collections as well as a pioneer of the crazy movement of the Opepen Threadition that started when he created a custom Opepen PFP for ThreadGuy. 

With a unique vision and expertise in graphic design, art direction, and NFT art, Jack Butcher is one of the most sought-after figures in the NFT realm. Follow him on social media not to miss his next creative initiatives!

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