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Casey Reas

Casey Reas is an American digital artist, professor, and developer born in Ohio in 1972 and based in Los Angeles. He holds a master’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in design and now works as a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. Along with Ben Fry, Casey Reas co-founded Processing, an open-source programming language and environment for visual arts.

After university Reas got really into developing software and electronics as an artistic exploration. Through his unique aesthetic designs, Reas bridges the worlds of software and contemporary conceptual art. His multifaceted conceptual, procedural, and minimal artistic endeavors feature software, prints, and installations, captivating audiences across solo and group exhibitions at museums and galleries in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Casey Reas is known as a pioneer of the generative art movement in the non-fungible realm. An awesome blend of software and visual art has been captivating and inspiring the NFT community since his entrance in the NFT space. The Empty Room, and its sequel, 923 Empty Rooms, is the artist’s most prominent NFT collections. Rich in simulation, abstraction, and a push towards kinetic art with the vibes of perspectivism and cubism, these art projects are exceptional.  

Reas’ consistent representations of algorithmically distorted imagery have earned him a reputation in the non-fungible realm among fellow artists and collectors alike. Follow him on social media and be among the first to feed your artistic appetite whenever he releases a new piece.

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