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Other World is a digital artist with an accent on psychedelic and surreal art. Having an artistic mother, Other World started his childhood with doodling and recreating cartoon images. Later he started paying more attention to his studies, bioengineering, while giving up his art.

At the end of the four-year course, Other World revived his artistic self by making basic acrylic paintings on canvas. Urged on by a labmate, he began showcasing his artworks on Instagram. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he utilized his free time to build himself in digital art. His love for Renaissance art has heavily defined his digital pieces, gravitating his style to surrealism, with blends of biblical and psychedelic portraits. 

Other World’s artistic approach also features a combination of collage work and illustrations. His creative process involves reimaging older paintings and creating new artworks with a completely different storyline. 

Recurring throughout his artworks is his distinctive use of hooded characters called fiends. These fiends are portrayed in brightly-colored hooded cloaks, giving off a vibe of realism and the dark side of humanity. As a lover of action-packed scenes, Other World draws these fiends involved in violence and other treacherous acts. Other characters within the digital artist’s artworks are grim reapers, little devils, and more.

Other World discovered the realm of NFTs via Twitter (currently rebranded to X). After seeing how other creative artists are making waves in the realm, he wasted no time in taking a deep dive into NFTs too. His artworks, Perfect Chaos, Paying Debts, The Garden, and many more, were selling on such NFT platforms as SuperRare, OpenSea, and Proof. 

Other World’s artistic approach has earned him a reputable fan base in the art world. Explore his artistic world blending surrealism and realism!

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