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Burberry is a luxury fashion label based in the United Kingdom that owes its existence to its founder, Thomas Burberry. As a drapers apprentice, Thomas gained enough skill to open his shop in Basingstoke, focusing on outdoor wear in 1856. He later expanded to London, where he introduced the hardwearing, water-resistant, and breathable fabric known as gabardine. Coming into 20th Century, Burberry had established itself as the best maker of water-resistant fabric and held patents to various fabrics. Over the years, the brand has undergone significant revamps to stay relevant to the market. The company has a dedicated creative and marketing department that brings on board various celebrity figures to help promote the brand.

Notable icons who have partnered with Burberry include Kate Moss, Lily Donaldson, George Craig, Agyness Deyn, and Emma Watson. The fashion powerhouse’s entry into the NFT space was in 2021 in a collaborative drop with Mythical Games. The NFTs comprise mythical characters in the multiplayer game Blankos Block Party, fitted with Burberry’s apparel.

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