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ApesOfSapace is an NFT project that follows the journey of 10,000 ape characters who escaped Earth to seek a habitable home in outer space. The leader of the Ape team was Spartacus and the entire entourage dons over 120 different variants of apparel and gear. According to the project's storyline, the apes found different clothing and materials in the spaceship they used to travel and took selfies in other locations. Lucky apes found matching gear and thus have the highest rarity. In addition, there are well-known apes who make up the leading team that helps Spartacus navigate the strange outer space environment.

They include Albert, Miss Able, Enos, Gordo, Goliath, Rafiki, Betsy, Pishgam, Sam, Winston, and Scatback. The roadmap of the ApesOfSapace project had giveaways for discord users and Twitter users after reaching 20% and 40% project milestones. This project's 2000 random holders of NFTs get a special treat in Space Pirate Bottles, another upcoming space-themed NFT project. With NFTs in the Space Pirate Bottles project, holders can find hidden treasures in the crypto world.

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