Unifred Unifred 20.12.2023

Warlords NFT Collection Nets $4.5M in Secondary Market Sales

Renowned video game publisher Ubisoft continues to pursue its ambitions by gearing up for the launch of one of its upcoming games, dubbed Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Ahead of the launch of the PvP game, the team behind the project introduced the Warlords NFT collection that will be part of the upcoming game. 

Featuring 9,999 digital collectibles styled as pixelated PFP heroes and warlords, the Warlords NFT collection sold out within minutes during a free public mint. Following the public mint phase, Warlords NFTs were listed on the secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea, fetching an average price of $560. In a short time, they have generated $4.5 million in secondary sales, creating much buzz around the collection and the upcoming Ubisoft game. A mere 7% of the total 9,999 NFTs were available for sale, indicating that the majority of holders are choosing to retain their NFTs. Owning a Warlord NFT unlocks exclusive access to the next mint of the playable in-game characters, giving players a competitive advantage over those without Warlord NFTs. The sensational collection is now among the top 10 trending collections on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.19 ETH.

While the Warlords NFTs are housed by the Polygon network, the game itself – Champions Tactics – is built on the Oasys network, an eco-friendly blockchain built for gaming projects. The game’s webpage reveals that the PvP tactical game will debut in 2024, joining Ubisoft’s suite of NFT-compatible games.

The massive surge in secondary sales for Warlords NFTs indicates heightened anticipation for Ubisoft's upcoming game. Get ready for the game's launch by preparing your gaming console and embarking on this thrilling adventure!