Unifred Unifred 16.05.2023

Ubisoft Partners With Reality Labs to Launch Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles

Video game publishing giant Ubisoft has taken non-fungibility to the next level through its latest product. In collaboration with Meta-owned virtual and augmented realities maker Integral Reality Labs, the game publisher debuts the Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles on the Polygon network.

Being launched in honor of the legendary action-packed Assassin’s Creed gaming franchise, the collection is ‘a bond between the digital and physical worlds’ as it features digital and physical collectibles. Dubbed ‘Digital Soul’ NFT, each piece can be customized and redeem a physical collectible that is a 3D-printed cube, linked to the same address as its digital counterpart. 

Digital Souls come in different rarity tiers and with various traits. The highest tiers unveil more traits for further customization purposes. All holders will have a chance to restyle their collectibles with the desired gear such as outfit, weapon, and pose.  Once customized, users can place an order requesting the shipment of a high-quality 3D-printed physical version (keepsake) of the Smart Collectible. The physical piece portrays the finalized design of the Digital Soul aka a hero from the game shielded within a transparent cube.

Each physical piece is embedded with an NFC chip that can be scanned using the Integral Reality Labs app to unlock the digital version of the artwork and access additional utilities within the ecosystem.

The collection’s presale began on May 12th while the official mint of the Assassin’s Creed smart collectibles is slated for May 16th, although the price for each piece is yet to be announced,

In addition to Smart Collectibles, Integral Reality Labs will launch a 1,500-piece collection of ‘Piece of Eden’ passes.  Holders of these passes will enjoy a wide array of perks, including but not limited to access to future drops and priority access to 3D printings.

This is not Ubisoft’s first foray into the NFT space. For instance, a year ago, the company partnered with Sandbox to delve into the metaverse with Rabbids.

Ubisoft’s continuous effort to bring games and adventure lovers into an exciting experience in the realm is applaudable. Stay tuned not to miss the launch of the Assassin’s Creeds Smart Collectibles!