Unifred Unifred 15.05.2023

LG Electronics Files Patent to Debut NFT-Enabled TV

South Korean multinational electronics company LG has taken another significant step in cementing its position in the non-fungible realm. The company has recently filed a patent, seeking a go-ahead to launch a smart TV that supports NFT trading.

The patent, submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), revealed that the NFT trading feature would be available on the TV through an NFT market server. This market server will allow users to view, buy, sell, and swap digital collectibles from the comfort of their couches. Users will also need to connect a crypto wallet to their TV to enable transactions and see purchased or sold NFTs in real-time. 

However, the patent remains subject to approval from the authorities before LG Electronics can follow through with the TV creation and marketing.

LG Electronics’ massive endeavor in the non-fungible realm dates back to 2020 when it partnered with the distributed ledger tech company Hedera Hashgraph by becoming one of its node operators. Since then, the electronics-making giant has not held back from investing its time and effort in the realm.

With the ever-growing popularity and demand for digital collectibles, LG Electronics has stayed committed to supporting the growth of the realm. At the end of 2022, the company launched a dedicated NFT marketplace dubbed LG Art Lab to allow NFT creators to showcase their art pieces to a large audience. Other services within the marketplace were also made available on smart TVs.

LG’s latest attempt to debut an NFT-enabled TV is proof that its gadget-loving audience has a taste for art and non-fungibility. If the patent gets approved, LG will be one step ahead in blurring the barriers between the electronics and NFT world.

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