Marina Marina 06.12.2023

Amazon Prime Gaming Gives Away Gods Unchained Card Packs as Part of its Collaboration with Immutable Games

Amazon Prime's gaming division has recently forged a partnership with Immutable Games, bringing exceptional benefits to Amazon Prime subscribers. They are now getting a chance to claim free in-game card packs for a sensational Gods Unchained game, linking their Gods Unchained and Prime Gaming accounts. 

This exclusive opportunity will be available over six months with a new card collection dropping each month. The perk of the first month, namely 5 Core Rare Packs & 1 Core Nature domain pack, is available from December 5th, 2023 to January 2d, 2024. All subsequent dates and corresponding rewards are available for browsing here

As far as it’s known, although in-game cards are not initially NFTs, they can be linked to the user’s Immutable account. Once linked, users get an opportunity to “fuse” two or more duplicate in-game cards, thereby creating an enhanced-quality NFT version that can be then traded on the Immutable X network. Thus, in addition to playing the game and obtaining exclusive packs through their Amazon Prime accounts, players also have the opportunity to acquire NFTs.

This collab runs parallel with the launch of Far Horizons, which is Gods Unchained’s second in-game season. It introduces engrossing gameplay mechanics and a new card set dubbed Tides of Fate.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming," said Daniel Paez, VP and Executive Producer of Gods Unchained at Immutable Games. "Season 2 offers a new chapter in the game's ever-evolving story that will introduce sweeping changes to the meta and players' strategies."

The newest initiative for Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers, particularly dedicated fans of Gods Unchained, has a high chance to enhance their gaming experience. An opportunity to turn in-game cards into tradable NFTs coupled with the launch of the Far Horizons season and Tides of Fate expansion car set promise to elevate the allure of the Gods Unchained universe, making it a sought-after destination.