Marina Marina 28.11.2023

Square Enix Debuts the First NFT Auction for its Upcoming Web3 Game, Symbiogenesis

Renowned developer of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, Square Enix is organizing an NFT auction ahead of the launch of its much-anticipated web3 game, Symbiogenesis. NFTs, representing the characters from the upcoming game, will be auctioned off in three waves: 

  • The first wave will take place from Nov. 27 to Nov.28
  • The second batch of NFTs will be available from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1
  • The third batch will be on sale from Dec. 2 to Dec. 3. 

A total of 500 in-game Ethereum NFT characters will be up for auction. While all NFTs are initially free to claim, in case of multiple simultaneous claims for a specific character, they will go on an auction format.

Square Enix also revealed plans to reward participants with bonus NFTs during the sale, aiming to fuel the bidding process. Every bidder will obtain a "special countdown illustration NFT" available in four versions. Moreover, anyone placing a bid of at least 0.05 ETH will be granted a "Member Card Red (Colored)" NFT, giving "additional points" upon logging into Symbiogenesis.

Based on the game’s documents, exclusive participation in the initial stage of the auction for 10 facet and mesh characters will be limited to early investors in the game.

The second phase with 90 NFTs will be open for those people who managed to secure a spot by being the best at completing challenges in the Symbiogenesis official Discord channel, as well as holders of Symbiogenesis Relics and Campaign NFTs. 

Starting December 2nd, the third wave featuring 400 NFTs will welcome all community members who engaged in the extensive weeks-long allowlist entry campaign.

Symbiogenesis is a web-based and narrative-driven Ethereum and Polygon NFT game that will launch on December 21st. This is the first original NFT game by Square Enix that stands out with powerful characters, compelling storylines, and a bunch of surprises. Symbiogenesis is an absorbing new world full of unexpected turns and events to explore.