Marina Marina 23.11.2023

Cool Cats Has Launched the 'Color Me Cool' art contest in partnership with Macy's

Cool Cats continues to spoil its community with exciting initiatives. The latest one is centered around encouraging Cats holders to unleash their creativity and craft a unique art piece that “blends physical artistry and digital innovation.”

Dubbed “Color Me Cool,” this vibrant venture is a giveaway and an art contest. Firstly, Cool Cats are giving away 1,000 exclusive commemorative parade figurines of Blue Cat and Chugs. The statues are 10” in total height and made of white vinyl. In addition to being collectibles, these figurines also serve as a blank canvas for making a piece of art. Creators can color, draw, paint, and do whatever to make the creation as personalized as possible. Although the Cool Cats’ team will provide some tips and tricks on how to paint figurines, creators can unleash their imagination and follow their artistic visions. 

Each statue comes with an embedded NFC chip, enabling holders to digitize their masterpieces and share them with the world. There are rumors that custom figurines could be also showcased to the public on a large scale. 

All Cool Cats holders willing to participate in this event could enter the giveaway until November 22nd, 12 pm ET. Those who are selected based on Cool Score rankings will be able to claim their figurines from November 23rd at 3 PM ET until December 6th. 

Cool Cats came up with an exciting initiative for its community to create, express, and innovate. The world will be soon colored in vibrant hues. Stay tuned for the result!