Marina Marina 15.11.2023

Decentraland's 3rd Music Festival Promises Next-Level Immersion and Innovation

The Decentraland's 3rd Music Festival is coming back to electrify the metaverse with ground-breaking performances, pioneering melodies, and unparalleled immersive experiences. Taking place from November 16th to 18th, this year’s event is inspired by self-expression, artistic renewal, and communal growth. #DCLMF23 is shifting its focus, centering entirely on Decentraland and its vibrant community.  

Powered by 16 top-notch teams of virtual creators and game designers, the edition 2023 of the music festival is set to explore and define what music is in the virtual world through immersive experiences. 

There will be more than 80 captivating performances, games, and other entertainment spanning three days at the Decentraland Music Festival 2023. The event is free and open to all without the need for specialized equipment such as VR headsets.

Here are the highlights of Decentraland Music Festival ‘23: 

  • 80+ Performances from the most innovative digital artists and independent labels
  • 5 stages: TRU Band Room, Slip-N-Slide, Techno, Raverse, MetaTokyo
  • 15 immersive music experiences & games built by award-winning teams
  • Cora Novoa, Trick Daddy, GuccieToe, Bufalo, Glitch Rave, Steve Sai, and others are among the headliners of the festival. 

In addition to navigating through various music styles and enjoying offbeat music performances, all attendees will be able to jam with friends, quest for wearables, build a collaborative art tower, and lots more. 

The festival’s full lineup and schedule of performances are available on the official DCLMF23 website.

For the ultimate festival experience, come there all dressed up! You can get all the festival essentials, Wearables and Emotes, in Decentraland’s Marketplace. Craft the perfect festival outfit that mirrors your character and mood, and get set to rock the show in style!

Add the event to your calendar so as not to miss a chance to test the boundaries of an immersive musical experience!