Marina Marina 01.11.2023

Claynosaurz to Launch a Collection of Physical Plush Toys

A renowned Solana project, Claynosaurz, is set to follow the steps of its NFT pals and venture into the physical realm with the launch of a plush toy collection. 

The team behind the project has always been driven by the goal of moving Claynosaurz into the mainstream spotlight. Consequently, the idea of dropping a line of physical toys stands as a strategic step toward realizing this aspiration. 

While making the plushies, creators were prioritizing quality above all else. Their primary obejective was to captivate the interest of people who were previously unaware of Claynosaurz and its array of digital activations.

“We don’t want the user to want to buy these things just because there’s some sort of digital twin or digital activation,” Claynosaurz co-founder Nic Cabana said. “Even if you’ve never seen Claynosaurz before, if you’re a mother or a kid or anybody really, and we want you to walk by a shelf full of these things and be like, ‘Man, these make me smile.”

The design process took almost a year as the team spent much quality time on research and then on experiments to create a flawless and cutting-edge product. They wanted to make their plushies stand out in the market and also set new standards for the design and production of such toys. 

The first batch of limited-edition plushies will be available in the Jurassic Aqua color with an orange belly. It will go on sale on November 3rd within a 48-hour window with a discount for Claynosaurz holders. It’s gonna be an exclusive edition as the team emphasized that they are not planning to make plushies in this color palette anymore. 

Three species of Claynosaurz, namely Rex, Trice, and Sego, are expected to be released at the beginning of 2024 with other species and color permutations to be added to the line later. 

Each plushy will come with its digital twin that will be the resident of a special digital platform. It’s being developed now with the goal of becoming a hub for the community. As the team hopes to attract more young people and make them enjoy the experience, they don’t find Discord a good platform for interaction. Therefore, the Claynosaurz platform can be described as a blend of three gaming classics, including Tamagotchi, Webkins, and Fortnite. In addition to interaction, users will be able to infuse their collectibles with life thanks to NFC chips and QR codes, unlocking thrilling digital adventures. 

Claynosaurz’s team hopes to craft plushies that will become beloved toys for people of all ages, while also fostering an immersive and thoroughly captivating experience for them.