Marina Marina 23.10.2023

WAX Releases Web3 Wrestling Game, Blockchain Brawlers, on the Epic Games Store

WAX has recently dropped its 'rowdiest game of them all', dubbed Blockchain Brawlers, on the Epic Games Store. This is a PVP digital card game that had Richard Garfield on board as a co-designer, famous for creating the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ game while a web3 gaming company, Tyranno Studios was responsible for the game development. Led by Michael Rubinelli, the studio has 25 years of experience in the industry working with Disney, Electronic Arts, THQ, and Playdom.

Brawlers resembles traditional card games a lot. Players need to purchase card sets and then use them to play with others while still maintaining complete ownership and control of their assets for seamless trading or exchange. Each player actively engages as a complete participant in the game, steering clear of the pitfalls associated with exploitative microtransactions.

“Master the cards, rule the ring & become a brawlers legend” – calls all players the slogan of Blockchain Brawlers. 

While playing Brawlers, all the participants will compete in pro-wrestling-style matches, aiming to earn $BRWL tokens, the game's native cryptocurrency. These tokens can then be employed to improve in-game items which are basically NFTs that can be bought, exchanged, or gifted among players. There are limited-edition NFTs, featured in the game, that can seamlessly interact with other blockchains through NFT bridges connecting to Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. It’s also worth noting that those players eager to experience Blockchain Brawlers without spending money upfront will receive a collection of "Free-to-Try" assets upon downloading it. 

The debut of Blockchain Brawlers on the Epic Games Store is poised to help the game get more exposure and reach out to more audiences. It has strong potential to attract more players and prove its ambition to become one of the top web3 games in the world. The future holds great promise, and we eagerly await the unfolding of Blockchain Brawlers' journey.