Marina Marina 16.10.2023

VeeFriends Teamed up with Crocs to Drop Halloween-themed Jibbitz Charms

One of the biggest NFT projects, VeeFriends, teams up with footwear giant Crocs for an exciting collaboration. In pursuit of helping you make a perfect Halloween outfit, two renowned brands are set to release VeeFriends x Crocs 5 Pack Jibbitz Charms. Legendary VeeFriends characters such as Vibe’n Vampire, Well-Connected Werewolf, Jolly Jack-O, Zealous Zombie, and Skilled Skeleton will step into the physical realm in the form of unique charms to get you ready for trick-or-treating. Each charm is masterfully designed with all heart to convey the essence of these five iconic VeeFriends characters, destined to grace your footwear this spooky season and beyond like never before. 

The special edition of these Halloween-themed Jibbitz charms, priced at $19.99, will go on public sale from October 19th. Holders of the 5 featured characters from VeeFriends Series 1 and Series 2 holders will get early access on October 17th. Attendees of  New York Comic Con, taking place from October 17th to October 20th, will also be able to purchase VeeFriends x Crocs Jibbitz charms within the event with a limited supply available for sale. 

This partnership will not end with the release of the limited-edition charms. VeeFriends and Crocs will take part in New York City’s 50th Annual Village Halloween Parade on October 31st. They will unveil an extraordinary float, featuring VeeFriends characters from the latest collaboration, set within a Halloween-themed scene. VeeFriends and Crocs also plan to organize the distribution of "Trick or Treat" bags, each adorned with the five Monster Squad Jibbitz charm characters and filled with surprise items. Crocs and VeeFriends call you to celebrate this Halloween in style with their extraordinary charms! Don’t miss!