Marina Marina 12.10.2023

Immutable Teams up with Amazon to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Renowned Web3 game developer Immutable has recently joined Amazon’s ISV Accelerate Program, having partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This move is aimed at shaping the future of gaming, namely at providing crypto game developers with infrastructure solutions to simplify the process of launching and expanding their products. 

AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program is a co-sell program that empowers companies to secure deals with some of the largest game studios across the globe, achieved through providing them with expert resources and support to ensure a successful outcome. In addition to access to a substantial network of game studios and support at closing deals, Immutable will be able to provide up to $100,000 in cloud credits to game developers through AWS Activate for them to cover cloud services.

It’s also worth noting that the AWS ecosystem encompasses not only a wide array of game studios and players but also the ecosystem partners and essential infrastructure components necessary to maintain a secure and reliable environment. 

“By joining AWS ISV Accelerate and AWS Activate programs, we’re able to provide our vast network of game developers with a turnkey solution for quickly building and scaling web3 games,” Immutable Chief Commercial Officer Jason Suen expressed his opinion. 

John Kearney, head of startups, at Amazon Web Services, Australia and New Zealand, said that by bolstering Immutable's growth through onboarding new game studios, AWS can offer the necessary infrastructure to help accelerate global launches through its flagship AWS Activate startup program and the AWS ISV Accelerate Program.

This deal will cater to the needs of both game developers and players to become their one-stop solution for thriving while building and playing. Players will be provided with wallet and transaction infrastructure via Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout while developers will get access to software development kits and blockchain data APIs to build and launch their games in days. 

Immutable has already built a serverless architecture, leveraging Amazon EventBridge, a serverless service facilitating event-based connections between application components, and AWS Lambda, a serverless compute service. This architecture has allowed the platform to seamlessly scale and effectively support its rapidly expanding product suite.

By utilizing these services, Immutable has increased its scalability to handle a 10x increase in partnered games as well as enhanced reliability for an improved customer experience through increased security and over 99 percent uptime. 

With AWS, more engineering teams can work simultaneously and independently using Immutable software, enhancing the platform's feature release speed within the dynamic web3 gaming industry.

This collab with AMS will also kick-start developing go-to-market initiatives aimed at expediting the integration of game studios into the web3 space and facilitating digital ownership for millions of gamers worldwide. Essential infrastructure, robust support, scalability, and a bunch of tools necessary will definitely simplify and secure the development of web3 games.

The partnership of Immutable and Amazon is destined to ameliorate the landscape of web3 gaming and make game development safer, simpler, and more accessible!