Marina Marina 03.10.2023

Boss Beauties Acquires BFF to Supercharge Empowerment for Women in Web3

One of the most renowned web3 media and entertainment brands, Boss Beauties has recently acquired a decentralized organization, BFF. 

Boss Beauties started as a PFP collection and then evolved into a brand that creates educational programs, content, and products. BFF is a renowned community focused on educating women, nonbinary, and others in Web3.

The areas of interest and values of Boss Beauties and BFF are similar. Thus, they combined their strengths and expertise to go on a mission to educate, connect, and empower women in Web3, forming a vast community of like-minded people who study together and make progress.

“Together we’re poised to create an even more lasting business that will continue to serve our community.”BFF writes on Twitter. 

“Together, we're going to supercharge our efforts and bring in the next wave of 1 million incredible women and girls into the world of web3.”Boss Beauties added on Twitter. 

One of the main tasks of Boss Beauties and BFF as part of the Boss Beauties family now is to provide women and girls with access to credible educational resources and a safe space for them to gain knowledge about new technologies. As the web3 industry evolves and its market value is expected to be $10 trillion in the next five years, women and girls should navigate freely in this domain and definitely not be left behind. 

BFF, an offspring of Brit Morin and Jaime Schmidt, has created loads of extensive educational content curated by experts, immersive events, and the “21 Days of Web3” initiative. There is no better match for Boss Beauties when it comes to reaching its current goals.  As part of the Boss Beauties brand, BFF will be involved in innovative collaborations and new partnerships that will result in expanded programming, additional perks, and numerous exciting opportunities.

By combining expertise, resources, and visions, Boss Beauties and BFF create a powerful duo that has a high chance of making a real web3 revolution.