Marina Marina 29.09.2023

VeeFriends teamed up with Mattel to unite Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton in a 2-pack toy collection

Gary Vaynerchuk's entertainment company VeeFriends continues to prove with its newest project that imagination and creativity have no limits. VeeFriends has partnered with Mattel, to be more precise, with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise to realize an amazing initiative. Two brands bring together MOTU’s renowned villain Skeletor and VeeFriends’ character, Skilled Skeleton, releasing them as physical toys in a 2-Pack. 

Well, in addition to the figures of Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton, there is also a Mini Comic Strip and additional accessories within the 2-Pack. Three swappable heads, five swappable hands, flex chain, hood, and armor come together with the figure of Skeletor. He is also equipped with a Sword of Power and Havoc Staff. Skilled Skeleton figure features six swappable hands, a removable hood, formidable armor, a shareable VeeFriends flex chain, and 10 points of articulation. It is crafted the way it glows in the dark. Each figure also includes "heart" and "rock" hands and 16+ points of articulation. Some body parts of Skeletor and Skilled Skeleton were designed swappable to be exchanged between figures and enhance the overall interactive experience. Priced at $45 + tax & shipping, a powerful pair will be delivered in a custom box with sliding slipcovers and a mini-comic. Holders of the Series 1 Skilled Skeleton collectible are eligible to claim their first pack for free. The presale is scheduled for October 6th at the Mattel Creations official website. 

MOTU’s antagonist Skeletor and VeeFriends’ Skilled Skeleton are two opposite energies but it was decided in heaven they should meet each other. This collab between Masters of the Universe and VeeFriends is one of the steps in VeeFriends’ long-term vision, which Vaynerchuk has once called “his Disney and his Pokemon.

It's also worth highlighting the growing trend of Metaverse brands expanding their reach by introducing physical toys to wider audiences. This is not the first launch of physical toys for VeeFriends. The brand has recently partnered with toy-making giant Squishmallows to release a few VeeFriends characters as plush toys. Similarly, the renowned NFT collection Pudgy Penguins has recently unveiled Pudgy Toys in 2,000 Walmart stores across the US. These moves show that NFT brands are applying diverse strategies, including diving deeper into the physical world, to help their projects develop and thrive.