Marina Marina 27.09.2023

OnlyEver and AVAVAV Presented NFT-Backed Boot at Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks amaze with more and more innovative twists, touching the realms of fashion, tech, and blockchain. The latest initiative by Swedish fashion brand AVAVAV and Web3 design studio OnlyEver is an illustrative example of it. By teaming up, the duo released the ‘Hoofster’, the cloven-toed boot with a faux-fur overlay. Owners can remove the faux fur to get just a black leather boot. 

Resembling the hooves of a shaggy pony, this exclusive item is the result of the co-creation of directors and the AVAVAV community. Such details as structure, color, materials, and naming were all put to a vote by the community.  

OnlyEver founder Rocco Bressanin believes that the future of fashion is marked by community and co-creation.

“By embracing blockchain technology and involving our community in the design process, we are pushing boundaries and challenging traditional norms,” he said in a statement.

The designer shoe, which debuted during the Milan Fashion Week, comes backed with an NFT-linked NFC chip that unlocks the boot’s digital twin. The NFC chip provides all data about the shoe, including a certificate of ownership, design and co-creation details, as well as forthcoming benefits for owners. 

The Hoofster is currently on presale, priced at €750 or 0,4881 ETH. This limited-edition item, ranging in sizes from 37 to 45, is really exclusive as each pair is only crafted upon receiving an order. 

AVAVAV’s show at Milan Fashion Week was the reason for humor as the shoes were a bit weird and models were marching in unfinished outfits. For example, Hypebeast described the show as “stress-induced chaos.”

However, both AVAVAV and OnlyEver are convinced that their initiative is a step toward a future where blockchain technology, community participation, and fashion are a harmonious blend. 

Let’s wait and see if the Hoofster will find its fans and how the fashion realm will embrace and adopt new technologies.