Marina Marina 22.09.2023

Astro Moonbirds To Set for a Journey into Space

It’s finally going to happen. PROFF is about to make history, by sending its celebrated Moonbirds to the moon! 

254 Astro Moonbirds, having a "Space Helmet" as a distinctive trait, will be featured in the Lunaprise Museum. Curated by Space Blue and meticulously organized by web3 marketing agency CreativeDepartmint, this remarkable event will feature 222 iconic artworks spanning the realms of digital and fine art, music, cinematography, and history that will be sent to the moon in an indestructible time capsule.

The Moonbirds collection is honored to be the one and only PFP collection featured in the Lunaprise Museum. The 254 Moonbirds, with their distinctive “Space Helmet” trait, will undergo a meticulous process of engraving onto indestructible nickel plates. These plates will then be placed on Lunaprise disks, alongside an array of other digital artworks. 

“We’re honored for Moonbirds to be a part of this historic mission to preserve art and capture humanity,” commented Kevin Rose, co-founder and CEO of PROOF.

The much-anticipated launch is scheduled for November 15th in Florida, with a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket carrying artworks into the cosmos. One more exciting thing for holders of Moonbirds with the “Space Helmet” trait is that 50 collectors will get an exclusive chance to see the launch at the Kennedy Space Center. It will be also followed by a grand black-tie gala dinner to celebrate this historic event. To crown it all, a selected few of the invited collectors will get commemorative official mission jackets adorned with exclusive embroidered patches, while additional jackets will be available for purchase.

The “Lunaprise Museum” space mission is a monumental endeavor aimed at preserving the essence of history, culture, and artistic achievement within digital archives that will forever reside on the moon.  This initiative will be a part of NASA’s IM-1 Lunar Lander mission which is a historic milestone signifying NASA's return to the moon after more than half a century, facilitated by a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket.

Mark your calendars to witness such a groundbreaking event!