Marina Marina 17.09.2023

Diesel Has Launched a Collection of Digital Apparel for Meta Avatars In Collaboration With DressX

Italian fashion brand Diesel teamed up with a renowned digital fashion house DressX to release a collection of exclusive clothing items on the Meta Avatars Store. This move puts Diesel in line with its luxurious colleagues, Valentino, Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne, which have also launched their collections in the store. 

The newest series features 10 signature Diesel outfits that closely resemble the brand's physical in-store selection. Denim jackets, jeans, and sneakers are available for buyers to dress up their avatars and then boast their looks on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Quest VR. The first set of five outfits was released on September 14th, with a second one scheduled to launch later this year.

Diesel is one of the most active fashion brands in the digital realm, having launched several NFT collections, collaborated with other brands, and beyond. It's also the first brand within the OTB Group, which includes Maison Margiela, Marni, and others, to release a series on the Meta Avatars Store.

"This collaboration with DressX represents an exciting chapter for Diesel and remarks its commitment to engaging technology with fashion,” said Stefano Rosso, Board Member of Diesel parent OTB Group and CEO of OTB’s metaverse division BVX.

Rosso believes that the virtual world will be the future of fashion, allowing brands to let their imagination fly while creating, engaging deeper with younger generations, and staying more sustainable compared to making real-life apparel.  

With these convictions in mind, Rosso contributes a lot to Diesel’s presence in the virtual realm. The digital apparel series on the Meta Avatars Store was followed by Diesel’s latest NFT drop, Metamorph, in collaboration with Public Pressure. It featured 300 digital collectibles on Polkadot and Polygon, each providing its holder with access to Diesel’s upcoming runway show at Milan Fashion Week. 

Diesel actively enhances its presence in the digital world, firmly believing in the potential of digital fashion as a creative and strategic tool. The brand also recognizes the future perspectives of new revenue streams, particularly as non-fungible technology gains mass adoption.