Marina Marina 11.09.2023

Yuga Labs Unveils TwelveFold-Themed Cipher Puzzle Series With Rewards

Yuga Labs, a prominent creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), continues to melt the ice of the prolonged bear market winter and keep the community engaged in the non-fungible realm with its latest initiative. The brand's most recent endeavor aims to spark curiosity, competitive spirit, and foster greater interaction among NFT enthusiasts. Well, Yuga Labs has recently introduced a cipher puzzle series centered around its TwelveFold NFT collection, initially launched on Bitcoin in February. The newest puzzle series is greatly inspired by art from the TwelveFold, namely by “the relationship between time, mathematics, and variability.”

The puzzle game is not exclusive to TwelveFold holders or Bitcoin OGs as it’s open to anyone willing to participate. One of the obligatory conditions for participants is to have an Ordinals Bitcoin wallet as well as to pay a nominal fee, ranging from $4 USD to $8 USD, to have their answer inscribed on the blockchain. 

The process of submitting answers begins by going to the puzzle page and selecting an unsolved puzzle. After filling in all the required information, participants should inscribe their answers by clicking the “inscribe my answer” button. After submission, an answer will be inscribed on “satoshis”. Basically, it takes from 10 minutes to several hours to finish the process. Yuga Labs has partnered with to make it possible using Ordinal Theory as the foundation for the puzzles. If it happens that two people submit the right answer in the same Bitcoin block, the answer with the lower inscription number wins. All fortunate winners will be notified by email. 

Starting from September 5th, Yuga Labs will release one puzzle every week for the next twelve weeks. The reward for being the first to solve each puzzle is 0.12 BTC, about $3,082 at the time of writing. The thirteenth week will culminate in the Sun Puzzle with one of the Yuga Twelvefold Ordinals as a grand prize.

All winners are required to fill out a few tax forms to claim their prizes. The Terms and Conditions section on the TwelveFold website gives all the necessary information on this matter.

The first puzzle has already been successfully solved. The clue given, "Having two together during hibernation can make all the difference," showcased six images resembling TwelveFold ordinals.

Yuga Labs doesn’t stop contributing to the non-fungible world and showing its  unwavering commitment, launching Web3 games, dropping NFT collections, collaborating with other brands, and beyond. Its cipher puzzle series stands as further evidence of Yuga Labs' firmness in pushing the boundaries of innovation within the NFT space, shaping the future of the industry.