Chris Chris 04.09.2023

Our Art Style has an Abstract, Surreal, Automatism vibe β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: What inspired you to start Looney Goonies, and what is the story behind its creation?

Looney Goonies team: We are forever inspired by art. It is who and what we are. The Looney Goonies were birthed from the love of both art and crypto. NFTs just happen to make up the perfect pairing. The Looney Goonies have taken over a year and a half to build, constantly evolving into something different until we finally settled on its current form. You can see how we took an abstract ink pen drawing and it kept morphing into what it is today, going in different directions throughout the process. We allowed the art to take us to the final destination. Our art style has an abstract/surreal/automatism vibe, which is evident in the faces of the “looney” characters. 

Chris: How would you describe the mission and vision? What sets it apart from other similar collections in the market?

Looney Goonies team: The main mission is to expose our unique style of art to the world through different avenues. We are unique in this space because of our art style in that we have yet to see any NFTs that look like ours. With our project’s success, we have a vision to bring some cool apparel designs and open editions into the market! 

Chris: Can you share some of the key challenges you faced while building and growing Looney Goonies, and how did you overcome them?

Looney Goonies team: The biggest challenge we faced while building was understanding the layering system of the AI generative art. We had to rewire our brains to think about how these layers were going to interact with each other rather than just drawing as we were used to. That was a hurdle early on and it just took time to grasp the concept. Our current struggle is being in the midst of a bear market and making a name for ourselves. We have been more so in the shadows of the crypto community and we are finally ready to break out and it is the worst market to do it in. However, we are here in the bear market, so you can be confident we are in it for the long haul! 

Chris: Who's on your team? How did you all get together?

Looney Goonies team: Our team is a family of six. The founder and lead designer is LeAndrew, followed by the marketing/development manager, Megan. Then, there are three other artists on the project; Tristan, Brandon & Joseph. There is also Milania, she is our assistant. We brought all of our talents and skills together to create this unique NFT project.

Chris: In what ways does Looney Goonies prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure a positive user experience?

Looney Goonies team: We are committed to making sure our holders enjoy not only the art of the Looney Goonies but also the utility it provides. We would love nothing more than to be a part of their lives whether it’s with a piece of our art inside their wallet, in their home, on apparel or even hanging out with us at an event! We are fully doxxed and we hope that instills trust from our potential holders. We are passionate about this project and we will see it through day after day! To ensure our minters' safety, we are hosting our drop with OpenSea to utilize their website security protocols. They are the largest platform and most people are used to their interface, so that will also help ensure a seamless minting process. We want to make it easy for you to join our crew! 

Chris: Could you tell us about any significant milestones or achievements that has reached since its inception?

Looney Goonies team: Our big achievement is completing 392 traits in 8800 x 8800 (above 8k resolution) and successfully adding them to the blockchain. The collection can generate over 7 quintillion combinations! We did this to ensure that as you scroll through the collection, every Looney Goonie will look very different from one another. We want your Goonie to be like you, special.

Chris: How does LooneyGoonies contribute to the larger community or society? Are there any social or environmental initiatives the company is involved in?

Looney Goonies team: Although the company is not currently involved in any initiatives, we do have a background working with foster care, children with autism, and hospice care. If our collection is successful, we plan on using our past experiences with these underserved groups to bring awareness and help our local communities. 

Chris: What strategies does Looney Goonies employ to stay innovative and keep up with evolving customer demands in a fast-paced digital landscape?

Looney Goonies team: Our team is constantly researching new ways to incorporate emerging technology into our project. One thing we love about the crypto world is the innovation from all of our peers. It is amazing to see and while we will take their lead on some ideas, we will be implementing our own to make an impact! You can view updates on our Twitter.

Chris: Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations for Looney Goonies? Any upcoming products, features, or expansions you can share with us?

Looney Goonies team: At the core, it is all about community and we are ready to see what ideas our holders have to further the mission. We are the artists behind the overall picture, but the crypto space is really what drives our decision-making and we will see where it leads. We hope everyone will jump on board with us to explore together! 

Chris: Finally, When is the mint? Will there be a pre-sale?

Looney Goonies team: The mint is being held September 6th & 7th on the Ethereum blockchain. We are exclusively dropping on OpenSea. The allowlist presale is happening at 2 pm EST with the public sale starting at 2 pm EST the following day. The cost to mint with allowlist entry is .0073 ETH and public is .01 ETH. There will be a total of 10,000 Goonies available with only 100 held back for the team. is hosting our allowlist, so please go there and sign up to mint your Looney Goonie first and at a special price! We cannot wait to meet all of our holders and start the journey 😁