Unifred Unifred 30.08.2023

Walmart Teams Up With POClab to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop in the Metaverse

Retail giant Walmart and People of Crypto Lab, a Web3 creative studio, have joined forces to launch Cultureverse. This is an immersive virtual experience that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop alongside the transformative power of Black culture. 

Scheduled for launch in September, Cultureverse is an interactive odyssey that pays tribute to Hip-Hop and its profound impact on art, music, and fashion. The gamified and interactive virtual experience will be hosted on Spatial, a metaverse platform that allows users to create and explore 3D virtual worlds. 

Backed by partners including Rock the Bells, the experience also aims to enhance Black creators' accessibility to technology. Specifically, Walmart will leverage its Black & Unlimited platform to empower Black creators, makers, and entrepreneurs through custom programming and collaborations within Cultureverse. 

Justin Breton, director of brand experiences and strategic partnerships at Walmart, highlights the company's commitment to embracing technology like the metaverse to enhance customer connection.

"We are always seeking out new and innovative ways to connect with our customers in spaces and places where they are spending their time. Cultureverse presents a unique opportunity to bring Walmart's Black & Unlimited platform to the virtual world for the first time – all with the goal of inspiring a new generation of Black creators, entrepreneurs, and culture builders," he said.

Cultureverse is not just a one-time experience. It is a movement to celebrate Black culture and promote inclusivity and representation. By joining Cultureverse, participants can learn more about Black history and culture, connect with other people from diverse backgrounds, and create new experiences in the virtual realm. Join the celebration!