Marina Marina 10.09.2023

Google Updates Advertising Policy Allowing NFT Gaming Ads

Google has recently softened its position and shown loyalty to the non-fungible world with its latest changes to the advertising policy related to NFT games. This update, coming into effect on September 15th, allows ads in blockchain-based games but with restrictions concerning gambling-related NFT games and those that offer token staking rewards. To be more precise, these are the games where players can perform actions in exchange for crypto or other NFT rewards. An example is casino games that directly offer NFT prizes or encourage players to follow the link that leads to NFT gambling platforms. It's worth noting that all violations could result in the potential suspension of the advertiser accounts, with a warning from Google at least seven days in advance of any suspension.

Google especially approves of the ads for those crypto-related games that aim to assist gamers in advancing while playing and/or enhancing their experience. Thus, Google ads are allowed to be created for games that offer in-game cosmetics, weapons, or armor, as well as other in-game items.

Some representatives of the NFT realm consider that this move will signal to other gaming or tech companies that haven't incorporated NFTs yet that blockchain has potential and encourage them to follow Google's lead.

It's a no-brainer that such powerful companies as Google are always cautious when it comes to new technologies that could seem insecure. However, its recent update acts as a proof that Web3 is a safe space. Let's wait and see how this story will unfold.