Marina Marina 13.09.2023

OneOf Launches Creator Mint Tool For Creators of All Kinds

Eco-conscious Web3 company, OneOf, has recently introduced a cutting-edge tool, dubbed Creator Mint. The primary goal of this platform is to provide artists, photographers, musicians, and other creators with the opportunity to mint, sell, or gift their digital collectibles for free. 

OneOf believes that Web3 doesn't have to be complicated for creators and their fans. Therefore, it has launched a platform that is easy to understand and navigate. The public beta version of the Creator Mint platform stands out with its user-friendly minting process suitable for creators of all technical skill levels, blockchain support for seamless self-minting on Tezos or Polygon, and zero gas fees. Furthermore, fans can enjoy an accessible collecting experience that doesn't require Web3 knowledge.

One of the key features of the Creator Mint platform is its ‘pledge to forever uphold creator royalty.’ Creators have the autonomy to establish a 10% resale royalty for all minted digital assets and determine pricing for digital collections, including those available as "free-to-claim."

“Creator Mint provides an incredible opportunity for artists and creators of all sizes to forge authentic fan connections, and we pledge to forever uphold creator royalty on the platform,”  said Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO, OneOf.

Creator Mint was initially powered by Mastercard’s Artist Accelerator program, which officially launched in April. The platform aims to make solid connections between creators and fans while expanding their reach to new audiences. 

Prominent creators such as Andre Oshea, Dzanar, Gabe Weis, Adamtastic, Sian Morson, Jo Jerusalem, Coco Sarai, The Existential Pisces, and Ely have already joined the platform. To start using Creator Mint, you only need to follow a few simple steps to set up your dashboard.

With its strong community as one of its most valuable assets, OneOf is dedicated to the development and support of digital creators through its newest initiative.