Marina Marina 27.09.2023

Pudgy Penguins Unveiled a Toy Collection at 2,000 Walmart Stores across the US

Renowned NFT Collection Pudgy Penguins continues its expansion to the real world. Cute penguins are moving further and further away from the digital world in search of support in the face of a new audience.

On September 26th, the NFT project announced the launch of a line of Pudgy Toys at 2,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. The collection has been selling online since May and is now available in physical stores. 

Pudgy Toys are more than just cute plushies but a pass into the digital Pudgy World, a virtual world built on the zkSync Era blockchain. Each physical toy is accompanied by a unique birth certificate. By scanning a QR code, all holders can unlock unique traits for their digital ‘Forever Pudgy’ characters living inside Pudgy World. Pudgy Toys’ owners can customize their characters, play games, and interact within an immersive digital realm.  

“Pudgy Penguins is bridging the gap between our physical and digital worlds of play for kids in a really engaging way,” said Brittany Smith, vice president of merchandising – toys, Walmart U.S.

One of the highlights of this release is that Pudgy Toys designs include some unique traits from Meebits and DeGods. All toys in the collection are linked to their existing NFT IP, meaning that whenever a toy is purchased at Walmart, the corresponding NFT owners earn royalty fees. Such a decision is not just a significant move for Pudgy Penguins but for all of Web3.

26 Pudgy Toys, including exclusive Ice Chrome figures and mystery Blind Boxes, are presented at Walmart. Produced by PMI Kids’ World, they range in price from $2.99 to $11.97.Shoppers will also have an exciting opportunity to find a golden ticket that unlocks unique digital traits within the Pudgy World.

Pudgy Penguin’s first release of physical toys dates back to May 2023 through Amazon. Then the brand generated $500,000 in purchases over the first two days, having sold more than 20,000 individual toys. 

Pudgy Penguins gently invite kids to get their first NFT and Web3 experience through their toys. This renowned NFT brand was among the first to bridge physical and digital realms while greatly transforming and pushing forward the toy industry.