Marina Marina 09.10.2023

Mythical Games Has Released NFT Racing Game, Nitro Nation World Tour, Backed Up by Deadmau5

Mythical Games, the creators behind such renowned Web3 games as Blankos Black Party and NFL Rivals, has recently unveiled its newest game, dubbed Nitro Nation World Tour. This is a free-to-play mobile drag racing game with a range of NFT cars from premium brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, and McLaren in its arsenal. Available both on iOS and Android, NNWT allows all the participants to engage in real-time races against each other or delve into one of the game's modes, including an immersive story and distinct characters, PvP races, Ghost races, tournaments, challenges, seasons, events, and other.

There will be two main assets available as NFTs within the game: the cars players drive and the workshops they use to enhance their vehicles. Workshop NFTs will help players repair, customize, upgrade, and improve their cars’ characteristics to perform better and boost different stats. Nitro Nation World Tour’s NFTs will be launched on Mythos, the blockchain that powers Mythical Games.

To spread the word about NNWT, Mythical Games teamed up with a world-famous electronic musician and NFT supporter, Deadmau5. In addition to featuring the game’s visuals in his upcoming world tour, Deadmau5 moniker will appear on an exclusive in-game car. Gamers will have to participate in the themed racing event to compete for this unique vehicle. Being a big fan of supercars, Deadmau5 has already collaborated with Mythical Games on the creation of the in-game content for Blankos Block Party.

Deadmau5 is excited as NNWT is launching as part of his legendary ‘Day of the Deadmau5‘ concert series. 

“I’ve said before that music is 80% fun and 20% work. Video games, for me, are all about fun," the musician added. "I hope you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as I have."

The Nitro Nation World Tour game was launched with the backing of CM Games, the developer behind the original Nitro Nation drag racing game, released back in 2014. The game quickly gained popularity, having onboarded thirty million players in the first three years. With its exceptional gameplay, exciting game modes and features as well as Deadmau5 advocacy, Nitro Nation World Tour has high chances to become one of the top Web3 games.