Marina Marina 10.10.2023

Yuga Labs Teamed Up with Avant Arte to Create Physical CryptoPunks Prints

The most renowned punks in the digital world will be gathered together for the newest initiative. During a recent event, held in Beeple Studios in Charleston, Yuga Labs and Avan Arte unveiled tangible prints featuring CryptoPunks. These highly-coveted NFTs will be brought to the physical realm in the form of two limited-edition prints: ‘10,000 On Chain’ and ‘Punk On-Chain’.

‘10,000 On Chain’, priced at $540, is an on-chain artwork showcasing all 10K Punks in 60cm x 60cm square, finished with a silkscreen varnish seal. This piece comes with a printed certificate of authenticity featuring a QR code that links to a digital counterpart of the artwork. ‘10,000 On Chain’ will be available for everyone within a limited 48-hour window.

‘Punk On-Chain’, priced at $648, is an exclusive opportunity for CryptoPunks’ holders only to get a 1/1, multi-layered UV pigment print featuring their CryptoPunk NFT. 40cm x 40cm prints of Punks will come with a unique QR code on the reverse, linking to the corresponding Punk NFT on-chain, also serving as a certificate of authenticity. All the prints will be crafted at London’s ‘Make-Ready’ by a skilled team while Avan Arte is responsible for authenticating each print with a physical and digital Certificate of Authentication.

Yuga Labs’ initiative is part of a broader trend aimed at transporting digital collectibles and NFTs to the physical realm. As the gap between the digital and physical art worlds continues to shrink, it strengthens the bond between these two facets of art, opening up more opportunities for groundbreaking projects and inclusive art experiences.