Marina Marina 16.10.2023

World of Women Launches a Special Edition of Monopoly Game

A prominent NFT project, World of Women (WoW), has teamed up with WS Game Company, the parent company behind a popular board game, Monopoly, for an exciting initiative. Driven by the idea of bringing ultra-luxurious board game experiences to players, WoW launches a special edition of Monopoly, dubbed Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition. 

A brand-new game will resemble the classic version but will be enhanced with a web3 twist. The special edition by World of Women will be accessible to everyone, with added benefits and rewards available exclusively for WoW token holders. As WoW has recently launched the Patio platform as a way to engage with the community, a special benefit will be given to those members who log into the WoW community hub in Patio. 

The design of the game is centered around WoW’s web3 community, featuring unique illustrations of its renowned characters as well as various signature attributes from other NFT collections. Some innovative elements such as currency represented through Ethereum and gold-hued tokens dedicated to such NFT projects as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), VeeFriends, CryptoPunks, CloneX, and Cool Cats make Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition an unprecedented version. 

The collab between WoW and WS Game Company is aimed at breathing new life into a beloved game as well as familiarizing more people with the essence of WoW’s second NFT collection. It’s also worth mentioning that the team behind the project is driven by the goal of expanding the World of Women community and “creating an educational but also really fun space for diverse people to discover the next wave of technology.” 

Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition is set to release on October 17th via the official Monopoly WoW Galaxy platform. The sale will be open for about eight weeks. 

This remarkable collaboration is likely to draw in new audiences for both brands, advancing the growth and development of each. Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition will definitely give a new take on the legendary board game, and this unique edition of a board game is sure to ignite excitement among players.