Chris Chris 12.09.2022

Every Token is Generated Using Over 200 Traits Across More Than a Dozen Categories — Creator's Interview

Today we have the creators of, an NFT collection that wants to “innovate ways of connecting blockchain technologies and the world of fashion”.

Chris: Let us get straight down to the brass tacks. There are lots of fashion-related NFTs out there. How does your collection stand out?

Eureka and Doze: Firstly, our collection is an original fashion line that we intend to showcase on a catwalk on a future date. The goal is to establish ourselves as a fashion house using the NFT collection as a springboard. This is the typical modus operandi of most NFT projects.

Where we hope to be different is by offering all other kindred projects a chance to follow suit. We have made key pledges to our community to continually support their own projects. As our project grows, we want our community to benefit as well.

Chris: Can you elaborate on these pledges?

Eureka and Doze: After long hours of mulling over what would truly help the community grow, we decided that the best way would be to provide a fungible platform. So, we will be creating the Coin (SSKC) into the liquidity pool of which we will add ETH funds periodically. We pledge to add 50ETH whenever secondary sales of the collection passes a total volume of 3,000ETH.

The other pledge we make is intended to give aspiring designers a platform to showcase their talent. We will be holding periodic events at various locations around the world for this. We will hold one such event every time our secondary sales pass a total volume of 6,000ETH, with a funding of 150ETH from our funds.

Chris: I take it that the Coin will be an ERC20 contract?

Eureka and Doze: That is right. Coin (SSKC) will be an ERC20 contract deployed on Ethereum. The plan is to distribute 25% of the total supply equally to all the holders of NFTs. As we add more ETH to the liquidity pools, our holders will see their SSKC appreciate in value.

Aside from that we are planning great tokenomics to yield benefits for our community. One such component is the allocation of bonus SSKC for long-term holders of NFTs.

Chris: What is the token price and the collection’s total supply?

Eureka and Doze: The collection will have 7,777 NFTs altogether. They comprise over 100 swimwear designs. Additional traits include jewelry, swim gear and various accessories.

The token price is 0.02ETH.

Chris: Will there be a whitelist, a presale?

Eureka and Doze: There will not be a presale or any kind of staged sale. However, we will have a whitelist. To get on it all you have to do is to follow the directions of our tweets. We periodically invite the Twitter community to perform tasks that can whitelist them. Whitelisted wallets get to mint NFTs for free.

Chris: Where can I mint tokens, and what would be the secondary markets?

Eureka and Doze: Our website, has an intuitive minting interface. The minting section is right at the top of the landing page. Minting goes live on 21 September 2022 at 1600hrs UTC.

We are also very proud of the very low gas fees. We challenge ERC721a contracts on this efficiency.

As for secondary markets, we recommend using OpenSea. Currently, this is the only marketplace where we have registered for a sales tax (at 7% of the sales price). This tax is essential for us to deliver on the two pledges that we have mentioned before.

Chris: What exactly is the holders’ portal and when can it be accessed?

Eureka and Doze: The portal is a communications platform exclusively for holders of our NFTs. The primary component of the portal is a communications forum, which will be online on mint date.

We will add additional features to the portal at future dates. These include a virtual fitting room and fashion design tools.

Chris: In closing, what are your milestones for the coming year?

Eureka and Doze: Our project is fully ready for the mint date and we have little else to do other than all the marketing and PR activities. Our biggest milestone is minting out the collection, which we believe could take some time. Once our collection is fully minted, we will immediately work on the physical production of our collection. We are hoping that this milestone will fall somewhere in Q1 of 2023.

If our production can begin in Q1 of 2023, then we intend to make merch available on our website before Q4 of 2023. We intend to end 2023 with a physical fashion event that our holders will get invites for.