Chris Chris 10.09.2022

Aside from Airdrops Holders will have Access to Merchandise Drops, Special Events and More β€” Founder's Interview

Chris: Let me start off by asking you what you consider to be the most unique about the Kawayushi NFT collection? What is the inspiration behind its creation?

Kawayushi team: Kawayushi is the original name for Kawaii.  We wanted to make a collection people could relate to.  Not only are Kawayushi cute, they are each so uniquely detailed.  We drew inspiration from different cultures from around the world and tried to add traits from all corners of the globe.  The collection has almost 500 traits across 13 different body classes. There are 31 Mythic characters that are 1/1.

Kawayushi are the keys to enter the world of Kawayushi.  In the next phase of the project we plan to develop Kawadachi, companion pets, that you can raise, feed, play with, and customize. The catch is that if you neglect your pet then you run the risk of killing it. The rarity of your Kawayusi helps to determine the rarity of your pet. I grew up in the age of Tamagotchis and we are inspired by the idea of what happens when you don't take care of your digital pet. We want to create something along the lines of Pokemon meets Tamagotchi.

Chris: What are the different benefits for the holders of the NFT? How can holders subscribe to get all the benefits?

Kawayushi team: As I mentioned before, Kawayushi are the keys. Holding a Kawayushi will grant you access to future airdrops. The original Kawadachi (pets) will be airdropped to holders.  We also have another side project in the works that will be air dropped to holders, Kawayumei.  Aside from airdrops holders will have access to merchandise drops, special events, and more.

Chris: Being a part of a community is always an advantage. Do you have an active community?

Kawayushi team: Our community is still young and we are working hard to build our community.  Many of our members love kawaii, Anime, Manga, other Asian pop culture, and of course NFTs. On our Discord members have access to contests, sneak peeks, and all of the latest information about the project. Twitter is also a great place to find the latest information.

Chris: Technicalities now... What will be the cost of one Kawayushi NFT?

Kawayushi team: If you're lucky enough to get Whitelisted each Kawayushi is .055 ETH and you can mint from Sept 13th -14th.  Our public mint starts on Sept 15th and eat mint is .075.

Chris: How many tokens will be released for public sale? Do you also plan to have a presale?

Kawayushi team: The collection consists of 8369 Kawayushi. There is a presale for those whitelisted.  We do have some set aside for public mint to allow everyone a chance to mint.

Chris: In the end, please help us understand the key milestones you hope to achieve in 2022?

Kawayushi team: Although 2022 is almost coming to an end we hope to knock out as much as possible to bring Kawadachi pets to life.  We want to make an NFT that can die but we also want to make pets that you actually care least care enough to not kill them. We believe there is a Kawayushi for everyone and we plan on building a world where everyone belongs.