GAP to Launch Logo Remix NFT Contest Alongside a Sustainability-Themed Icons Campaign

Being one of the most avid inclusivity advocates in the fashion realm, Gap is now keeping to its “modern American optimism” direction by launching the new 'Icons' campaign and the Logo Remix NFT contest. The current initiatives come as a logical continuation of the recent 'Everyone Belongs' Gap Kids campaign as well as the fall 2021 'Individuals' adult campaign, which both spoke through the voice of varied personalities to promote changes towards inclusivity and individual diversity.

A year after the launch of 'Individuals,' Gap is here with the new 'Icons' campaign. The initiative comes in the form of a fun 15-second video, starring actress Selma Blair, a multiple sclerosis advocate, accompanied by Labrinth's music, who's known for his soundtracks to HBO's Euphoria.

The personality-showcasing campaign will debut on digital channels, promoting loose organic cotton denim, big white cotton shirts, and other sustainable and recycling clothing. In this unique way, Gap calls to brands for responsible manufacturing and appeals to users to choose in favor of sustainable apparel, using the hashtag #HowYouWearGap on social media.

And, finally, Gap is continuing its web3 foray by launching the Logo Remix NFT contest, encouraging digital artists to reimagine Gap's logo designs. Later, customers will vote on three new logos, which will be turned into NFTs to become prints on exclusive Gap hoodies. 

Previously, Gap had joint efforts with Frank Ape's artist Brandon Sines for the launch of the NFT collection, based on a hoodie made from recycled materials. Further, there was a DAP GAP NFT collection featuring Dapper Dan, that allowed users to mint 500 phygital hoodies using carbon-free Tezos blockchain. 

Currently, Gap is spreading its messages of inclusivity and sustainability through its ever-growing Discord community and other communication channels, appealing to the new generation of web3 users with NFTs.