Chris Chris 17.01.2022

I Drew Thousands of Sketches to Perfect their Shape and Experiment with Different Possibilities — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Chin Wee: My name is Chin Wee. Usually, people like to call me Chin. I'm a senior art director with years of experience in the animation & game industry.
I'm passionate about storytelling and animation. Hence, we would like to start it as a bi-weekly comic project and eventually evolve it to become an animated sitcom in future.

Chris: Second Nature Toys NFT are human-inspired artworks. What is the concept of the development of these NFTs?
Chin Wee: Initially, I'm exploring one creative challenge: Making the pennies and boobs look adorable yet having some naughty ideas behind it?
I drew thousands of sketches to perfect their shape and experiment with different possibilities. While sketching, I also think of the stories behind these characters. What are they doing for their day job, where they live, their life purpose...etc. This is why we can share stories with these characters on Twitter. All these concepts and background stories have to come before the drawing starts. And this is what we think makes our character more unique and in-depth.

Chris: Great, so you have about 10000 NFT entering the NFT space. What are some of the unique features of the NFT? What are the rare ones?
Chin Wee: We have ten prototype designs, each of them has only 1,000 variations. Which already makes the quantities supplied less than other projects. We also categorise four levels of rarity: Legendary, Classic, Uncommon and Common. The legendary card has up to 7 traits and only 0.1% supply.  
Chris: Do you have a rarity chart for investor reference?
Chin Wee: We have some charting for our creation: headgear, eyes, wearable, body patterns, effect, and background. Pretty standard among other NFTs. 

Chris: Do you have a whitelist or presale? When are the NFTs going up for public sale?
Chin Wee: We want to keep things simple on the mint side. There's 2,000 NFTs up for presale on 28th Jan 2022, the rest will be on 8 Feb. To reward early investors who bought in the first week, we will also randomly give out 1 ETH each for ten investors.

Chris: Furthermore, what will be the price for the reach token? Do you have a purchase limit per investor?
Chin Wee: Each Second Nature Toys NFT is 0.06E (pre-sale) & 0.08E (official sale); we limit up to 10 purchases for each wallet.
Chris: It is noteworthy that you have planned a member-exclusive chatroom. What are the other benefits for Second Nature Toys NFT holders?
Chin Wee: We believe a vibrant community is a crucial factor to keep our NFT more valuable in the long run; coolcat is the role model we look up to. Hence we have a member-exclusive chatroom, gallery and bi-weekly comic share with the community and monthly town hall to update our collector on what we have done so far, what's the challenge we face in making our animated sitcom pitch bible, the key or know-how about animation making...etc. Our members could also submit their stories to us, and if we find it entertaining, we will make it one of our bi-weekly comic strip episodes. We want to have more involvement and interaction from our community, although there are not many people in our discord yet. Please~ join our discord now.
Chris: In the end, what are your plans for the future of Second Nature Toys? There is a merch drop and co-creation; what else is next?
Chin Wee: We want to make an animation series on Netflix or any crypto space. A pitch bible and teaser is definitely on the roadmap. Our investors will have their credit on the show. Other than merch drop and co-creation comic strip, we are also planning on phase 2 series; there will be one to one NFT given to our holder in future, the rule is yet to be decided, but we strongly recommend our investor hold at least one NFT to enjoy the benefit. Apart from these, we will also donate 10% of our funds to charities or volunteer organisers who fight for human rights and environmental crises. It's a small act to our vision: Big-hearted; Let's make love, not war.
We know game and metaverse is hype in the crypto space, but we want to focus on one thing at a time. Once our Second Nature Universe is well set up, we could branch out our IP in the gaming space. Our creator- chin, worked in Ubisoft before; he is well connected with the game creator. We can always seek co-operation with them.