Chris Chris 15.01.2022

By Being an Owner, You can Claim 10 Orbits Tokens every Day — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

 xDocMastermindx: xDocMastermindx,Founder of 1st Block Labs and early Ethereum adopter.

Chris: A total of 10000 Plain Face Millionaire Club NFTs will begin presale in a few days. What was your story towards the development of these NFT’s?

xDocMastermindx: What brought about the development of our project was the idea of bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who could appreciate the beautiful 3D artwork and take advantage of all of its utilities. All of this was made possible by parabolic advances being made in Blockchain technology and the NFT industry.

Chris: Plain Face Millionaire Club NFTs are a piece of art. How can the investor use this NFT apart from being an investor in the NFT?

xDocMastermindx: There are many different use cases that an investor can take advantage of apart from simply owning the NFT. First of all, you have full commercial rights as an owner of the artwork, it can be used in games and cartoons as well as skins in the metaverse. By being an owner, you can claim 10 Orbits tokens every day.

Chris: What are the features of the PFMC NFT? How is each avatar different from the others?

xDocMastermindx: They all look different. They’re all unique with different utility making every single Plain Face Millionaire Club NFT special. Also, one of the flagship features are just by owning 1 PFMC NFT you are rewarded daily with 10 utility tokens called Orbits, this really has the industry excited.

Chris: Investors want to be sure that their NFT is going to be popular. What is your marketing strategy aimed at this?

xDocMastermindx: We have partnered with some of the largest brands, promoters, and influencers across the entire world. The release of PFMC is a worldwide event and needed world class marketing and we acquired it.

Chris: Furthermore, what are the benefits of being a member of the Plain Face Millionaire Club?

xDocMastermindx: Well, you are in good company. You become part of a hyperactive community with 10k like-minded Plain Face Millionaires, you get access to exclusive chats with our partners, influencers, and brand reps. The networking possibilities are endless. And this is what it’s all about connecting people through art and technology.

Chris: How many Plain Face Millionaire NFT’s are to be released at presale? When is the minting date for public sale? What will be the minting cost of one Plain Face Millionaire NFT? Do you have a minting limit per investor?

xDocMastermindx: It’s a Dutch auction and minting price will start at .5 ETH. No minting limit for investors during the public sale, however you can only mint 10 at a time in one setting. Also, there is a limit to 3 NFT’s at the presale. The date for the presale is 1-28-22 and the date for the public sale is 1-29-22. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

Chris: Sounds Excellent! You must have an extensive and hardworking team at work. Before we close, please introduce your team to our readers.

xDocMastermindx: We have a large community team

Scribblez is a world-renowned artist who has done animations and graphics with a lot of anime and movies in Japan, Europe, and United States. He is a master of many mediums.

Nucleus- is an early Ethereum adopter has been into crypto since 2013. Was a part of some of the largest NFT drops in 2021 which started the NFT craze like Bored APE Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Cyber Kongs, & Ape Gangs. Nucleus has established a network of some of the wealthiest and influential people in the crypto world.

Merits -is fun and well respected in Crypto circles throughout the United States. Merits has a very impressive collection of digital assets and is well connected in the NFT industry she is like a walking encyclopedia on NFT’s.

Bulma- is a project manager from Europe and has spent the last year working full time managing crypto and NFT projects. She is connected to some of the biggest celebrities in Europe.

We also have advisors from some blue chip NFT projects in the NFT industry.