Chris Chris 15.01.2022

One of the Most Exciting things About our Project is the Large-Scale DnD-style Story — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 
Connor: This is Connor, I am one of the Co-Founders/Co-Creatives on Rengoku Legends. I am a senior concept artist specializing in the games industry. You can check out more of my professional portfolio here:

Chris: The Rengoku story is so believable. What is your inspiration behind the story and development of these samurai Rengoku NFTs?
Connor: When Drasko (My Co-founder) jammed on the inception of Rengoku, we drew upon our mutual love for Japanese philosophy, cultural elements, and especially history. The main theme of the story of Rengoku is based around the three unifiers and draws upon events in that time to create new and interesting stories. Artistically, we are drawn to the weird and wonderful so naturally, we had a penchant for all things cosmic horror (As you can probably tell from my other works). When I mention cosmic horror, I don't necessarily mean a bleak tentacle-ridden world, I mean the nihilistic feeling that humans are insignificant to creatures and bodies above and beyond our level of understanding. So, in the world of Rengoku, we draw upon a lot of these themes such as Progenitors, Elder Ones, Warring deities, spirits, and mythologies to create a fantasy world that combines both cosmic horror elements and the very historical Sengoku/Edo period of Japanese history. For me, I love pieces of art that give me a morbid fascination where, it's not necessarily scary on the surface, but the themes and suggestions/implications of the artwork resonate with me. For example, anything like the works of H.R. Giger or Zdzisław Beksiński.

We want people to feel like they are truly a part of something. So, in our development, we planned on having each Samurai be customizable up to the holder's discretion with items and effects they earn and gain through integrating and taking part in our story campaign and community events. Much like a modern-day RPG.

Chris: Interesting, so how do the clans interact with each other? Do they have clan leaders as well who would protect the dynasty?
Connor: Straight away, on our discord, the first thing we have someone do is choose a clan to align themselves with. They will have a short intro to each clan and they can make their choice there. Then they will have access to their clan-only chat where they can meet other members there and using our custom bot, fight the other clans for victory in our in-discord clan battles! Our discord operates on a victory point/currency system where we reward users for active participation as well as integration into the world. Each time they use the command "!fight" for instance, in true DnD fashion, we have a generated story that is told whether they are successful or not. One of the most exciting things about our project is the large-scale DnD-style story campaign we will be creating later this year. Each clan will have their own choices to make as the entire community embark on the story together. Then our team will create elements such as story chapters, artwork, custom Samurai pieces, and emergent story events that will be completely inspired and influenced by what the clans and the community as a whole, decide to do.

 For this campaign, We are planning on introducing a group of main characters per clan that our holders will get to know as we explore the Worlds together. Though, if the clan decides they want to send one to their death, so be it! We will make artwork of their valiant demise to commemorate the occasion and it will be chronicled in our Curator's collection in-game environment.

Chris: Alright, so do you have a rarity definition chart? What are the key features and powers of the samurai of Rengoku dynasty members?
Connor: We have a very unique minting system. Once we mint, we have a date set that holders will be able to jump in and create their Samurai (to an extent). Instead of clicking mint and crossing their fingers, they will be able to roll on their traits (for example, their Helmet) and get three options to choose from. Then, going slot by slot, they build their Samurai with 3 generated options of varying rarities. It's still random but curated to the tastes of the holder. This way, we hope, we incentivize people to be more attached to their creation and be invested in this journey with us. 

Chris: Once a member, what more can one do with their Rengoku NFT?
Connor: By participating in the journey and the systems we are developing, you will be able to continually customize your samurai with rare parts commemorating an event. For example, Your clan has decided to enter a spooky cave, inside they find a giant spider spirit. By working out a way to slay the spider, we create artwork, soundtracks, and special spider-themed armor pieces to give to lucky participants of the clan. Creating a dynamic and investment-rewarding rarity system. Further to this, we are planning a tokenization system that will create a deflationary token to be used in the buying/trading of our artworks and physical rewards. To gain this token, holders can stake and take part in our upcoming "Clan Wars 2.0" (More to be announced soon)

Chris: Furthermore, when do you plan to have the public sale? What will be the minting cost of each NFT?
Connor: Mint will be 0.087 ETH and public sale begins on 17th January 2022 at 11am PST / 7pm UTC

Chris: Do you also have a Rengoku club where the members can interact with each other? What else can members of the Rengoku community do together?
Connor: Hop onto our discord, join a clan and get to know your fellow Samurai! We have elders there to show you around and teach you how to participate in our clan wars. We even have a raid boss that swings by every now and then!

Chris: Finally, investors are looking forward to collaborations with big names in the NFT space. Would you wish to reveal some collaborations here?
Connor: We have ALOT of great collaborations still to be announced, (trust me, they are great) but some of our announced collaborators are projects such as Angry Ape Army, Fyat Lux and Celestials. We align strongly on ambition and vision with these projects and cant wait to reveal more.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.