Chris Chris 14.01.2022

BitGOONs Owners will Also get Free Access to the Second Collection by Phobik — Creator's Interview

Today we are sitting down with Phobik, a Founder of bitGOONs

Chris: Bitgoons are launching on 25th January 2022. How did you get inspired from the big city life to make this NFT?

Phobik: City life is all about commuting and being around all kinds and types of people.
Born and raised in Hollywood,  people here have always stood out and I think it reflects in my artwork quite often. A mixture of Pop culture, social media, tourism and fashion.  Everyone has a way of expressing themselves and its one of the many influences in the traits of these goons

Chris: Furthermore, what do the Bitgoons represent? How are their characteristics and traits distributed?

Phobik: Bitgoons represents a Nostalgic PoV from people you see everyday on your daily routine. A combination of saturday morning cartoons and a late night beer run to the liquor store.

Chris: Do you have a whitelist coming up anytime soon? Will there be a presale?

Phobik: Yes, to be whitelisted people can level up in our Discord by being active, take part in a cross collab, or invite 5 people to the Discord server. Presale is January 24th for those whitelisted.

Chris: Additionally, what will be the minting cost of each Bitgoon NFT?

Phobik: Each bitGOONs NFT is .05 to mint

Chris: How can one buy their BitGoon? How much is associated gas?

Phobik: bitGOONs can be minted on our website: Whitelist Jan 24th 6PM ET, Public Sale Jan 25th at 6PM ET

Chris: Once I own the Bitgoon NFT, what are the benefits associated with the ownership?

Phobik: Ownership grants access to our metaverse headquarters in the Sandbox which will have games, bit voxel art assets, questing rewards & more. Ownership will also give you a free mint pass to our second collection by Phobik.

Chris: Finally, the merch store seems to be coming up next. How does the roadmap look like after complete sales of Bitgoon NFTs?

Phobik: The Merch store will be launched on our website. We'll have various types of merch that can be purchased and redeemed from contests and airdrops. questing and game leaderboards. bitGOONs metaverse headquarters will also have exclusive prizes and perks along the way.