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Decentralized Metaverse NFT Chess Tournament Game on the Ethereum Blockchain — Creator's Interview

Chris from NFT Calendar: I've had a chance to check out some of your team's great work on your website and I knew I had to mint one. Please tell us a bit about the extraordinary team behind this project and how it has come to put this amazing illustration together for the punks and apes?

Elite Club team: The Elite Chess Club interview is operated by its key founders and investors, all official holders of CryptoPunk and BoredApe art collection. We are compassionate towards our collection of art pieces and believe it is the future of digital currency as we speak. Memes are designed to be reinvented in a revolutionary way that would surpass the usual standards.

We initially started working together on several projects by being in touch through serious and private discord servers, which allowed us to build our business structure and foundation after being in a long-term partnership.

We have all contributed our attributes, skills, and inspiration to bring the project to life. Our development skills have unitedly been the critical success to obtaining the essential fundamentals behind the project's economics and blueprint as well as the fascinating 3D art asset design all built-in with the NFT.

We have allocated extraordinary luxurious chess pieces to go along with our rare premium avatars, all 11000 avatars are unique and rare. We have set our target to go through our step-by-step road development map to ensure that we can see our contributions to the community are met. Once we have deployed our targets we can see our contributions bring the art to life physically for its holders by connecting together in Virtual reality in the Decentraland Metaverse Lounge/Tournament Arena.

Chris from NFT Calendar: I love how each NFT has a special built-in category. How will the prices be affected between the categories and how does the chess club coin come in play

Elite Club team: NFTs come in 4 sectors, 1500 Gold Diamond Pieces, 2500 Platinum Pieces, 3500 Gold Pieces, 4500 Silver Pieces. The coin reward scheme is also split into 4 sectors. Gold Diamond NFTs earn 3 Elite Chess Coins a day, Platinum NFTs earn 2 Elite Chess Coins a day, Gold NFTs earn 1 Elite Chess Coins a day, Silver NFTs earn 0.5 Elite Chess Coins a day.

The choice for Elite Chess Club ( Coin ) is to host a governance coin. We are launching our token for listing after reaching target mint sales on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. We plan to release 1 million ERC20 tokens in circulation and introduce a rebase system alongside the profit distributions to increase and grow the value and circulation of the coin for a continuous reward mechanism.

The token will be the economic currency of our tournament and will be mandatory for tournament entry. In addition, the Elite Chess Club coin is used to distribute to our contestants as a prize reward and will be exchangeable to the Ethereum token .10 Elite Chess Coins will be mandatory upon entry for Non-NFT contestants.

Chris from NFT Calendar: Speaking of pricing, when are you releasing the Elite Chess Club NFT’s? Are you planning to bring in a whitelist? Do you also want to do a presale? How much is to be paid as gas fees? 

Elite Club team: I have launched an initial part of collection on OpenSea to set the standards on floor price for each category, with the exclusive collection framed on our official main page.
We plan to launch our pre-sale at the end of January for our OG members a few days after the public sale goes live.

We are due to announce an additional 2 NFT giveaways for OG owners of the initial collection on OpenSea. We have agreed to set a fixed price between the four chosen categories at random on our live mint date which is expected at the end of January.

Pre-Sale 0.05 ETH.

Public Sale 0.08.

The gas fee will vary from $30-$45.

Official Links

Following announcements are released exclusively for our early discord members and Twitter followers on the official links

Chris from NFT Calendar: You have a host of other things coming up like merch, metaverse, tournament, lounge, and a VR clubhouse. How do these things work out on the roadmap? How will the investor benefit from these releases?

Elite Club team: We have set our blueprint mechanism to use 80% of entry fees to be earned as a prize draw, and the 20% remainder of the earnings will go towards the growth of the market cap for our token. We are set to launch a Defi 2.0 Staking mechanism to earn APY on staked earnings from the art sales, the royalty resales and the 20% tournament profits will go towards building strong staking fundamentals, which will allow us to introduce a treasury that will be used to financially back the economic value for the NFT.

NFT investors will receive access to the community chess lounge for NFT holders and free entry to play to earn in the tournament arena in the Decentraland in virtual reality as well as receiving exclusive metaverse merchandise including the Elite Chess Club wristband.

Please visit our website for full road map development details.

Chris from NFT Calendar: How does an ECC holder receive the coins? How do these coins benefit the NFT holder? In other words, how can they be used?
Elite Club team: Our NFT will be the decentralised node as a service for our upcoming Defi 2.0 protocol. The Defi platform will be in place to claim our governance token and, over time to provide a consistent profit distribution to make consistent lifetime rewards for holding on to their NFT art or resell it for a life-changing price
Chris from NFT Calendar: Finally, you must be having a dedicated team to develop all of these. Who are the key players and how do they contribute towards the development of ECC NFTs?
Elite Club team: Morgan Patterson
From Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Studied at Harvard University
Graduated for 3D Art and Design
Vincent Rothchild
From Cambridge,  United Kingdom 
Studied at Cambridge University 
Graduated for Finance and Economics
Harakima Nakamoto
From Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, China 
Studied at Hong Kong Baptist University
Graduate for Game Artificial Intelligence development, and 3D Unreal Engine developer and programmer.
Zoyah Chan
From Tokyo, Japan 
Studied at The University of Tokyo 
Graduated for computer science. Also specializes in full web stack blockchain development.
Great minds and a great community can bring unstoppable results, be part of the decentralized Metaverse NFT Chess tournament game on the Ethereum blockchain.