Chris Chris 14.01.2022

We Chose to support International Animal Rescue, they Rehabilitate and Release Animals back into the Wild

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Shep: My name’s Shep, and I am part of the social media team at Pigeons Airlines.

Chris: Pigeons Airlines NFTs are inspired by the aviation industry. What is the story behind this inspiration?

Shep: Pigeons were born as a fun idea among us. We wanted to find some characters that could be entertaining and create a context for them. During development, we realised it could be fun to make them a part of the aviation industry. So we decided to create the company and give it a history, clearly tied to aviation's one.

Chris: That was novel! So how are Pigeons Airlines NFT’s unique? What are the key features and traits?

Shep: Each pigeon has unique and distinctive features to tell them apart from each other. During development we thought it would be fun, both to satisfy our creativity and to buyers, to create a few different birds. So we created 10 special pigeons - with references to our rare pigeons - and 5 super special pigeons, inspired by aviation’s history and historical pilots.

Very well. Then how does the investor define the rarities? Do you have a rarity reference chart?

Shep: Yes, there will be a rarity chart. There you can find every single pigeon’s gadget and exactly how rare they are.

Chris: Do you also have a whitelist? Are you having a presale? What are the important dates?

Shep: We do have a whitelist, and it’s open now! The presale is on the 26th of January. A limited batch of 200 pigeons will be available for a special price: 0.4 SOL instead of 0.6. You can find it at this link, and follow more steps to gain more entries - which means more chances to get a pigeon.

Chris: How do I become a Pigeons Airlines NFT shareholder? What is the minting cost for each NFT? How much is the gas fee?

Shep: All you need to do is buy an NFT and keep it in your wallet, so as to be a holder and gain a share. The mint cost is 0.6 SOL and the gas fee is 0.008 SOL.

Chris: You are planning redistribution of 70% of royalties to owners. This is amazing. How do the owners receive this benefit? Will it be redistributed as soon as the transaction is done or do you plan to build a pool and then redistribute?

Shep: As I said, it’s going to be enough to buy and have one or more of our NFTs in your wallet to get a share - which will not increase with the more NFTs you have.

We’re going to redistribute with a regular cadence that will be decided by looking at the exchanges, to accrue royalties to share. There is not going to be a pool.

When we’re about to redistribute the royalties, we’ll make sure to communicate this on our social media channels.

Chris: Out of the remaining, 20% goes to charity. What charitable cause do you pick for the donation?

Shep: Thank you for asking that! We chose to support International Animal Rescue. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild, as well as protect habitats and endangered species.

Chris: Finally, please tell us how is Pigeons Airlines NFT marketing itself for the benefit of the investors.

Shep: We naturally have a website,a Twitter profile and a Discord server to follow us and our updates, and have a chat with us. We have worked and we are working with several promoters and agencies. We made sure to be listed on all major listing sites and calendars, like Solanart, NFT Calendar, Upcoming NFT and several others. We also have an upcoming collaboration with the Youtube channel NFT Mentor, and we’re currently evaluating even more options.

There will be special prizes, too. Every 618 pigeons sold, we’ll draw a winner to receive an Alienware© laptop and a pair of Dell© headphones. Plus, in case of sold-out, a lucky winner will be able to choose between a trip around the world or the equivalent in crypto.

In the meantime, come join us in our social media spaces. We can’t wait to welcome you on board!