Chris Chris 14.01.2022

The name Cawaii came from our love for anime which has Japanese word 'Kawaii' — Creator's Interview

David: Hey everyone, my name is David, Co-founder of Cawaii Cardano Cats. I have a background in business management and marketing, and about 3 years experience in crypto mainly holding $ADA. I have been in the NFT space for about a year now. I have been holding several amazing blue-chip projects throughout my journey such as BAYC, Kaiju Kingz, Cool Cats, and Mutant Cats. 

Chris: Cawaii Cardano Cats are an absolute cute bunch for any cat lover. Are you a cat lover as well? What inspired you to bring these Cawaiii Cardano Cats NFTs?

David: Cawaii Cardano Cats started after my casual conversation with our artist, Mint. She's a full time artist and I was a part-time trader and NFT holders. Our casual conversation about trying something new would be fun and challenging like an NFT project. The name Cawaii came from our love for anime which has Japanese word 'Kawaii' on it, I thought it would look cooler if it rhymes with Cat so we chose to go with Cawaii Cats. The middle part came from my love for Cardano Blockchain and i want our project to represent the blockchain we are proud to work in, result in 'Cawaii Cardano Cats'. After brainstorming our ideas and research, we started an NFT project and the rest is history. 

Chris: How many Cawaii Cardano Cats are set to rule the NFT marketplace? What is the minting date?

David: There are total of 7,000 Cawaii Cats, and the mint date is 15th January 2022, 6:00 PM UTC 

Chris: How can I mint a Cawaii Cardano Cat NFT? What will be the minting cost and gas fee?

David: We will provide wallet on our website and discord for everyone to send their ADA, and in return for Cawaii Cardano Cats NFT, 
Minting process requires 42 ADA to be sent to the given wallet, however, 2 ADA will be instantly send back with the NFT. Therefore, the mint price remain 40 ADA.

Chris: Additionally, what else can I do with my Cawaii Cardano Cat NFT?

David: Aside from owning cutest and unique hand-drawn NFT, holders of Cawaii Cardano Cats will automatically become member of our exclusive Cawaii community which grant holder a vote in DAO. Others perks of our membership include qualified to be in our exclusive whitelist spots for our next projects and participate in our exclusive contests and giveaways. 

Chris: Furthermore, what is the Cawaii Crew? How does one become a part of the Cawaii Crew? How is it beneficial for the members?

David: Cawaii Crew is a term describing Cawaii Cardano Cats holders. To join Cawaii crew simply mint one Cawaii Cat NFT!. 

Chris: When is the merch set to release? What merchandise are you bringing in?

David: The date on merchandise release is currently TBA. At the moment, we are working on developing our own merchandise website that allows Cawaii Crew to connect their wallets and buy their own cat's merch. 

Chris: In the end, please tell us where investors should head to be updated on what’s new at Cawaii Cardano Cats NFT?

David: To hear more about us please join the link below