Chris Chris 15.01.2022

We are Building a Highly Creative Environment with Exclusive Content for Osuvox Holders — Founder's Interview

Today we are sitting down with Alex Templeton-Ward (artist name Dr. Bozog), Founder and Creative Director of Osuvox Ltd.

Chris: Osuvox NFTs are the world’s first customizable avatar with full metaverse interoperability.  What was your story behind the development of such an artwork NFT?
Alex: I became interested in VR/AR metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox and OVR.  After purchasing land plot NFTs I began to populate them with 3D content. The next natural step was to create avatars/wearables to engage with these 3D experiences. Full interoperability will be an essential utility of metaverse avatars, as well as the option to customise their inventory for gaming and fashion purposes.  Osuvox is delivering unique hand-crafted avatars to engage in all future metaverse ecosystems.  Soon we will unveil our own Osuvox Metaverse, parts of which will be sold in upcoming land auctions. 
Chris: How does the customization work? Can token holders make changes to their avatar?

Alex: After connecting your wallet to - you will gain access to the 'Portal'. If an Osuvox avatar is present in your wallet you are given access to numerable options to customise via the inventory panel. Osuvox owners can collect Pets & Spirits as companions, add weapons, wings, transport tech, magical items such as Hex Cards and potions - all of which will bring additional utility to your avatars across multiple platforms.
Chris: Speaking of token holder allowance, what more can they do with their Osuvox NFT?
Alex: Osuvox will soon release the VOX token. This fungible currency will have unique utilities within the Osuvox ecosystem and in broader partnerships with our metaverse affiliates. The token will also be earned through our play-to-earn game in The Sandbox. With our partners MyReality we are building a highly creative environment with exclusive content for Osuvox holders. 

Chris: This is great! How many such Osuvox NFT’s are going to be released? When is the minting date for public sale?

Alex: 10K Osuvox avatars will be minted. The minter is now open with an exclusive 'Pets & Spirits' drop on Opensea.
This drop also contains over 50% 100/10K legendary avatars and all come with additional characters as companions.  

Chris: Do you have a whitelist or a presale coming up? When is your first airdrop?

Alex: Airdrops have already begun - to be in for a chance of winning these NFTs come and join our Discord family for all the info. This is the best time to mint an Osuvox avatar with the next 38 coming with a mint-one-get-one free airdrop!

Chris: How does the interoperability of avatars benefit the NFT holder? Please explain in simple terms.

Alex: As Web 3.0 develops, a variety of leading platforms will emerge in both AR and VR. Osuvox's intention is to provide our customers with avatar interoperability for all available platforms. Building relationships with metaverse platforms is a vital objective of the company and will inform our position across emerging spatial web technologies. 
Chris: Impressive, what are some key milestones you hope to achieve in 2022 with Osuvox NFT?

Alex: Osuvox will continue to make improvements to our inventory section within the Portal. We will be commuting some inventory items to Polygon for gas-free transactions and releasing our own VOX token. Following the full release of The Sandbox game the Osuvox play-to-earn game will be further developed and refined to provide one of the most exciting environments in The Sandbox. 

Chris: In the end, please tell your investors more about your marketing plans to reach out to the masses and make Osuvox popular in the NFT world.
Alex: Osuvox is soon to announce a brand partnership with a well-known fashion and entertainment company. This collaboration will expand both our communities and develop the Osuvox wearables collection. We will also be running AR metaverse hunts with our partner The Osuvox AMAs are accessible via our website and future interviews with crypto influencers will be revealed over the coming weeks! Come join the Osuvox family! :)