Roblox and Saweetie to Host a Free Metaverse Concert Timed to NFL's Super Bowl

The metaverse phenomenon is avalanching the globe, winning a lion's share from the web2. Another big metaverse-related announcement was made the other day, by the renowned hip-hop artist Saweetie. Thus, the superstar will be performing exclusively in Roblox for the NFL’s Super Bowl LVII pregame, scheduled for February 10th.

The web3 concert, presented by Intuit, will be running in Warner Music Group’s Rhythm City, which was created on the Roblox metaverse sites and launched on February 4th. The new space offers users to play fun mini-games, as well as try new immersive role-playing experiences. Thus, visitors of Rhythm City can try on a role of an influencer, musician, agent, producer, and beyond, who own a mansion, a cool car, and other luxury attributes.

According to the NFL representatives, Saweetie will throw out a 'family-friendly,' motion-captured concert, while performing her best hits, including Tap-In. The event will be re-translated each hour until February 12th. The IRL Super Bowl LVII starts the same day, with the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Philadelphia Eagles.

Except for enjoying the concert, attendees will be able to win various digital wearables upon participating in the challenges or purchase them on the Roblox marketplace of virtual assets. Those items include headgear, hairstyles, footwear, headphones, and sweatsuits, based on Saweetie's merch and album looks.

I’m really excited to bring this iconic moment to the metaverse and share my music with a whole new audience in such a unique way! As an artist, innovator, and football fan, to be able to perform during Super Bowl LVII weekend in this new world – Rhythm City on Roblox – is something I never imagined that I would be involved in. I am very grateful and happy about this opportunity,” Saweetie shared her excitement about the upcoming metaverse endeavor.

As for the National Football League, in addition to running a virtual Super Bowl, it also launched the Super NFL Tycoon metaverse experience in Roblox on February 4th. The engaging initiative allows users to pretend they are NFL team owners, who can pick players and construct a stadium. Super NFL Tycoon also provides users with a unique opportunity to freely travel between the concert at the Rhythm City and the other NFL site via a specific portal.

The gaming company across metaverse platforms, Gamefam, and the financial tech firm, Intuit, are among those who helped to develop the new metaverse experiences.

“Bringing a cultural moment like the Super Bowl to the metaverse with such innovative partners marks a shift in how brands are coming together to create the next generation of metaverse gaming experiences,” Ricardo Briceno, a chief business officer of Gamefam said.

Additionally, the Super NFL Tycoon VR experience intends to provide young audiences with a course into cutting-edge financial technology, provided by Intuit. According to Lara Balazs, the fintech firm's chief marketing officer and general manager of Strategic Partner Group, the youths will be able to combine pleasure with business, learning about how to manage cash flow, payroll, taxes, and customer acquisition, alongside trying on the roles of NFL teams owners.

While the first NFL Tycoon experience for the 2022 Super Bowl made a splash, with its interactive event called Destruction House, this year's interactive experiences promise to be no less awe-inspiring. 

Set your alarms and drop by the Roblox metaverse to enjoy fun gaming, musical, and NFL-themed experiences backed up with valuable digital prizes!