Chris Chris 01.02.2023

Siargao Villa NFT Holders will Receive a Free Siargao Island Tour Each Year — Creator's Interview

What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is David Gomez — Founder of Siargao Villa NFT.

He is a Hotelier, an NFT Collector, and a Web3 Entrepreneur.

Chris: Siargao Villa NFT is a FIRST Web3 Crypto Resort. What are some unique traits of the collection? 

David: We're trying to integrate Digital and Physical "Phygital" by giving real life tangible utilities to our holders. What unique about this is by owning this NFT you get to own a piece on an island in the Philippines. It is a community owned project fractionalized into rewarding timeshare NFT's. It's the first ever NFT that gives you 10 room nights stay in a Villa per year for the next 10 years for 2pax. It also gives you a free Island Tour yearly of your choice/good for 1 per NFT holder. 

Chris: You're a community-owned project. How does it work? 

David: We're a community-owned resort operating through DAO management (decentralized autonomous organization) that gives holders dividends from room sales revenue through Staking. So imagine there will be decisions that the community will be part of. Ex. In choosing menu and food choices in the bar. In choosing the pool size and color of the tiles and walls.. In decorating some areas in the resort the holders could vote and choose options. All Room sales revenue will be transparent to all holders like a real stockholder of a company. 

Chris: How many NFTs will be released? Any pre-sale?

David: The NFT collection features 300 pixel-art beach villas, each with unique and limited-edition Siargao-themed icons such as the famous Cloud 9 deck and surfing spots. The pixel art was created by artist Jojo Briones of Air Media NFT Group. 
Pre sale Whitelist in ongoing now until Feb 18, 2023. Please join our socials Twitter, Discord and check out mechanics on how to be whitelisted. You should be active and engaged in the community. Attending AMA's and Twitter Spaces might help. 

Chris: When is the minting? 

David: The NFTs will be available for purchase on the Minting Website on the Minting Date of February 19, 2023. The mint price will be 1 ETH and the public mint will be 1.8 ETH.

Chris: What are the benefits and rewards that users can capitalize on? 

David: Siargao Villa NFT offers unique and exclusive perks for its holders that sets it apart from other investment opportunities. As a holder of Siargao Villa NFT, you will receive a full membership package which includes 10 nights of free use of the villa for a maximum of 2 people. This offer is transferable to friends and family or even leasable, providing you with the flexibility to enjoy your investment in the way that works best for you.

In addition to the free use of the villa, Siargao Villa NFT holders will also receive a free Siargao Island tour each year! This tour will allow you to choose from one of the many stunning islands in Siargao, including Magpupungko, Sugba, Lagoon, Cloud 9, Pacifico, Burgos, Daku Island, and Naked Island.

Chris: On a personal note: how the idea for the Villa was formed? Any story that preceded?

David: So stumbled upon Siargao Island back in 2018 and fell in love with the virgin island because of it's nature, food and surfing. I purchased a land and made it into a 7 Villa Resort called G Villas Siargao. It was Operational from April 2019 until March 2020 when Pandemic hit. We we're closed for almost 2 years then a super typhoon Odette happened. The whole resort was 60% destroyed and wiped out. After 1 year we were able to bounce back and now we are back and ready to launch but i though why not make a twist. Since i have been studying web3 for the past 3 years, i imagined why not create an NFT Project that has real life tangible utilities so that people would open up more to web3 and understand how blockchain technology really works. So this is a first step into mass adoption. I said if no one will do it then maybe i should take the risk and start it myself. So now here we go!

Chris: Tell us about your team, please. Who are your designers? 

David: Our team consist of Builders and Leaders, Co Founder James Afante who is a crypto influencer and founder of a P2E game Astro XP, A Metahustler Web3 Collab Marketing guy Jon Herrera makes sure the marketing reaches our target market. Fritz Mesina our Community Manager/Moderator makes sure everything goes well in our Discord and Community. Air Media NFT which takes care of our Web3 Developers, They're in charge of creation of our Staking Dapp, Minting Website, Security of our servers and Smart Contracts. Web3 Marketing and IRL Events. 

Chris: What's your next big move? 

David: We're revolutionizing Tourism and integrating Blockchain Technology in different industries so that people would understand the use cases of NFT's and the advantage of Blockchain in our life right now. We're Transforming Tourism, Travel and Real Estate. We will launch a 2 hectare Land Sale NFPT Non Fungible Property Tokens program in 2026in Siargao Island. This is something to look forward to. Owning this Siargao Villa NFT makes you a VVIP first choice picker in the NFPT Land Sale. 

Chris: Thanks for your time! Any last word? Where can we follow you? 

David: Own a piece of Siargao Island by owning this NFT. LFG! 

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