Chris Chris 30.01.2023

North Apes is an Interactive NFT Collection of 5,555 Unique Apes and a Deflationary Token β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Danny: Hi there! I'm Danny The Ape,CEO of the North Apes project. I'm one of the older people in the space and grew up as a true South Park addict. I joined crypto nearly 10 years ago and after following a lot of cool projects felt that it's time to launch my own vision.

Chris: North Apes NFTs are beautiful artworks. What is the story behind the development of these Apes?

Danny: Our collection is inspired by South Park. All our team members are fans of the show which is why we made it the theme of our project. But it's not a meme project, we're truly dedicated to the North Apes – we actually put half a year of work and a lot of funds into it. Especially the interactive NFTs we introduce are something completely new. With our interactive profiles and our gamification elements we aim to maximize activity within our community and also give back to our loyal members by raffling prizes. And our upcoming token which we also launch on the Ethereum blockchain soon adds a great utility to our NFTs.

Chris: The NFTs look like great works of art. How are you pricing the NFTs?

Danny: We're not trying to grab a lot of money from mint and then abandon the project, we're here for long term success which is why we have a very low mint price of only 0.005 ETH. Actually, these with a whitelist spot can mint an ape for FREE. Many big projects like CryptoPunks started cheap or free which is the approach we are following as well.

Chris: Your roadmap also looks quite well-planned. For this, you must be having quite an extensive team. Please introduce us to your dedicated team and how each one of them contributes towards the development of North Club NFTs.

Danny: Our core team is made up of Danny (myself), Jake, Charles and Stacy.

Danny is our CEO. He loves South Park and crypto – especially NFTs – which is why he founded the North Apes project. As CEO he does not only lead the project but also the team and makes sure that we accomplish all our milestones. He takes care of the treasury, and aims to ensure full transparency and communicate all further steps with the community.

Jake is our developer. He has a 15 year long development background and joined us with a lot of experience in web2 and web3. He solo developed the website frontend and backend, all the contracts, the interactive NFT profiles and our gamification elements. He always aims to deliver quick while remaining high quality and secure code.

Charles is our NFT artist. He is not only very talented but also a crazy guy and a true South Park lover. He is the one who created our interactive NFT collection of 5,555 unique apes.

Stacy is our media artist. She is the only girl in our team and thus very desired. She is lovely but also tough, and studied digital media for 5 years. She designed our logo, our website design and the white paper.

Chris: What interesting challenges/games will the users participate in within community? 

Danny: There's a lot of great game bots on Discord but we're introducing our own self-developed games which come with highscores and reflected scores in the interactive NFT profiles on OpenSea. Currently we have two games developed: dice and phrase. More are to be expected very soon.

Chris: Awesome! So when is the mint date and how many of the Apes will be offered? 

Danny: Our mint date is set on February 3rd, 2023 at 06:00 pm UTC. The maximum supply is 5,555. Of course we hope for a mint out but we're not worried if this doesn't happen within hours because in that case we might pause mint until a second season and once the token launches investors will become more interested in the NFT again to grab their discount on buy fees.

Chris: Do you have a whitelist? 

Danny: Whitelist spots are raffled on PREMINT, with collaboration partners and in contests. All announcements regarding raffles are made on our social channels, so make sure to follow and stay up to date.

Whitelist spots are overallocated, i.e. there are more spots than the total supply – first come first serve principle. They qualify for a free mint (additional mints are still charged) and do not guarantee a mint (no early access but fair chance granted to everyone)!

Chris: We see that you have planned quite a few giveaways and prizes. How does one stay up to date?

Danny: We're hosting regular events and contests where our members can win prizes such as ETH, whitelist spots, special roles in our community as well as interactive NFT elements (backgrounds, foregrounds, effects and animations). We always announce all events on our Discord server.

Chris: Thanks for your time! Anything else you would like to share that I didn't ask?

Danny: I thank you and all your readers for your time and your interest in our project. Really enjoyed being your guest. There's not much more for me say except encouraging everyone to check out on our project and join our community! If you have any questions, we're always here for you to give you all the answers you are looking for. Much love from our dedicated team!