Chris Chris 01.02.2023

Owners Can Build Their Own, Digital Car NFT — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Richard: My Name is Richard, I am the founder, creator and host of NFT GARAGE .

Chris: NFT Garage is a unique NFT-Project. Can you tell us the key idea of the collection?

Richard: The main idea was to give people the chance to shape a customized car while watching a youtube show about the progress. And at the end to have a big chance of owning this car.

Chris: Superb! How can users interact with the NFTs?

Richard: There are different things that Owners can do:

1. Every NFT gives Voting-Power for the look of the car we customize. Choosing the wheels, materials, colors and so on.

2. NFT Owners can build their own, digital Car NFT with the Car-Parts they can mint on our site. They choose 1 wheel NFT, 1 Body NFT and 1  Seat NFT and our NFT CAR BUILDER burns them and creates a Car NFT that exactly looks like the user wanted.

3. NFT Owners can participate in amazing live events, that we are joining with the car: SEMA Las Vegas, Gumball 3000 and many more.

4. Airdrops from $DRIVE Coin and many more stuff

Chris: How many NFTs are available for public minting?

Richard: There are 7.500 Car-Part NFTs available, devided in 3 categories: 2.500 Wheels, 2.500 Bodies and 2.500 Seats. Minting has started and you can get 1 Part delivered to your wallet for .09 ETH.

Chris: What's next in the pipeline?

Richard: We created "STAGES" for the case we are not selling out, so that we  still can deliver what we promise. So at 20% sold (1.500 NFTs) we are starting our journey on YouTube and buy the car as a first step.

Chris: Any last word? Where can we follow you?

Richard: I think this project is different, unique and is just the beginning of a new content world for petrolheads. Follow us on Twitter or join the DRIVE Discord and find us in the NFT GARAGE Channels.