Marina Marina 03.02.2023

Cool Cats NFT Project Rebranded and Unveiled New Strategic Direction

One of the world’s top NFT collections, Cool Cats, has recently sounded its plans for the future, covering a new vision and new brand identity, the project’s goals and growth strategy, product and experience releases, and partnerships. 

The big news was announced by the Cool Cats founder Colin ‘Clon’ Egan via a YouTube live Town Hall on February 1st. The new vision of Cool Cats is geared toward becoming the leading entertainment brand beyond Web3 and tapping into mainstream audiences. To achieve this goal, the team behind the project is going to release more storytelling content and conclude mainstream brand partnerships to scale its audience and deliver them new and exciting experiences in the World of Cooltopia. 

On January 31st, Cool Cats revealed its new branding. The iconic and beloved Blue Cat remains the central character of the project. However, it is depicted as a forward-facing cat on a new logo, showing a nod to the project’s focus on building for the future. 

Let’s proceed to the new products and experiences Cool Cats are set to release in 2023: 

  • ​​Cool Score. This new system is intended to ‘reward loyal members for their active contributions throughout our community.’ It will allow holders of Cool Cats and Cool Pets to track, measure, and earn rewards for their engagement within the community. The calculation of Cool Score is based on the number of NFTs a person holds, activity in Cooltopia, the level of engagement, and more.
  • Journeys. This feature is aimed at incentivizing users to set off on explorations through the World of Cooltopia. Filled with engaging opportunities alongside an immersive storytelling experience, journeys will also reward the most active users with rarer traits as well as various perks and benefits.
  • Fracture NFTs. These are dynamic NFTs that enable a new type of storytelling experience. They are tightly connected with journeys as their evolution is undergoing while holders are completing more journeys. All holders will reveal their new Cool Cats PFP after entering into the fracture at the end of the Journey series. 

By the way,  all Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders have been airdropped a Fracture NFT just for free as gratitude for their loyalty and support. 

  • Explorers NFT Collection. The upcoming multichain series will feature full-body customizable PFP avatars of renowned blue cats but offer a new way to represent your digital identity. 

Talking about the partnerships, Cool Cats have already announced collaborations with Ledger to launch Ledger Quest in early February; Hologram to present Cool Cats NFTs through holographic technology and 3D avatars as well as Macy’s to bring its IRL balloon for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November. 

“What we’re building towards is an entertainment brand,” shared Cool Cats Group CEO Stephen Teglas in a Town Hall, adding that “it is not just an NFT project, not a gaming company — we’re building a global brand that will entertain multi-generations.”

Stay tuned for the updates from the Cool Cats community so as not to miss significant details, exciting partnerships, and the brand's steps toward conquering the world!